Everyday mystic.


Break the mold. Forge a new path. Create a sacred life.

Medieval Music Performer + Scholar

I am a channel of the past, but always looking to a brighter future. My work highlights the voices of women from the medieval era, and reclaims the sacred feminine in performance.

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Cultivate the sacred garden of your life.

Inspired by medieval mysticism, my signature coaching framework helps you harness your personal genius, and cultivate fulfillment, wholeness, and viriditas in your life, art, and work.

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Empowerment Speaker & Thought Leader

I want to create a new chapter in music education and the arts, fostering personal and creative value, emotional and spiritual wellness, and consciously-aligned careers for emerging artists.

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Transformational Voice Coach

I guide singers (and seekers) who want to know their sacred voice, dissolve the constraints of fear-based patterns that keep them hidden, and claim the unique purpose for their voice.

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Community for Sacred Creatives

Follow the annual rhythms of nature as we cultivate personal and spiritual wellness, learn the cycle of sacred creativity, and sow the seeds for our best work yet. Begins January 2023.

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Thank you for being here.

My name is Allison, and I wear many hats in my creative life and work.

I have made it my business to self-honor my unique creative voice, and the potential of my own soul to make a little magic while it’s currently plopped on this planet.

It’s my desire to help you do the same thing, too.

My work bows in deep reverence to the spirit and its inherent genius, and my creativity mirrors the innate wisdom and cycles of nature and the cosmos.

Herein there is wisdom, inspiration, and perhaps, if you are ready (and willing), some future collaboration as well.

I seriously can’t wait.

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