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    Allison Mondel
    My name is Allison Mondel.

    I’m a classically-trained soprano who, over 25 years as a working professional, grew disillusioned with the current musical culture. It’s my aim to reform the disenfranchising ways in which artists are being asked to compromise their integrity, their values, and their lives.

    So I am getting my hands dirty, leaning into the problem, and attempting to get to the core of this wound. Maybe I hit something, maybe not. You can read about it in my manifesto here.

    But rather than throw stones or shrug my shoulders amidst the vacuum of this cultural standstill, I want to foster some creative solutions. I am happy to share the wisdom and insights I’ve gleaned along my own winding creative pathway in a way that is accessible, universal, and empowering.

    Because by breaking free of the outmoded and limited paradigms of success, I believe we can chart a new course towards the fulfillment of one’s purposeful creative vocation. I’m starting with myself.


    My statement about the state of the culture in Classical Music.


    A new philosophy about the process of creative individuation.


    Mentorship for creative rebels who are ready to forge their own way.

    The Traveler

    Journal posts from the field.

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