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    Allison Mondel
    Welcome. My name is Allison Mondel.*

    (*Also classified as Rebel, Feminist, Recovering Perfectionist, and Friendly Person.)

    I’m a classically-trained soprano who, after 25 years as a working professional musician, grew exhausted, disenfranchised, and disillusioned with the current musical culture. I asked myself: is this all there is?

    I wanted to continue to live and work as an artist without the frustration, confusion, and shame wrought by the industry. I wanted better, for myself and countless others I met who were also struggling. I needed a way forward onto a career path that I couldn’t see, but sensed was possible. I leaned into the problem, and fell into a creative solution.

    You can read about it in my Manifesto.

    I inherently believe we each hold the potential to lead a prosperous creative life, if we can rise above our rigid systems, dissolve our sticky obstacles, and exercise our creative capacity.

    So with steadfast faith in myself, in my future, and in life itself, I took a leap of faith. I pushed up my sleeves, got my hands dirty, and walked forward into the Unknown. I didn’t die. In fact, I lived.

    I am grateful to show you how to walk your own path to living a prosperous creative life, as I live into mine.

    You can call it your vocation or your purpose… your Pathway is revealed when when you dare to step outside of the mainstream, trust in yourself, and commit to honoring your truth.

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    Community for creative rebels who are ready to forge their own way.

    The Traveler

    Journal posts from the field.
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