I always knew I wanted to be an artist.

But I had no idea that I would discover so many more awesome things that would unfold in my life and career.

As a musician, I’m a specialist in the field of medieval music, a pathway I have walked for over 25 years (and never gets old).

I spent many years teaching singing, and through the lens of the voice I encountered a process of personal healing, heartcentered alignment, and an activation of my deeper purpose.

As a coach, I guide other everyday mystics who are hungry to discern, invigorate, and realize their personal genius, and cultivate viriditas, or “sacred aliveness,” in their life, art, and work.

I am honored to help you lead, create, and share a sacred life doing through the things you love and are meant to realize.


Fun Facts About Me

what i’m reading
Walden by Henry David Thoreau

where i live
Historic Acton, MA, USA

favorite artist
Robert Motherwell

i’m inspired by
space and the cosmos

favorite music
80s pop

My professional profile.

Lauded by The Washington Post for her “spare, otherworldly radiance,” Allison Mondel is a visionary teaching artist, voice and creativity coach, and scholar in medieval music. She is a notation and performance specialist of the chants of 12th-century mystic Hildegard von Bingen. 

Some highlights of her performance career include collaborations with Harvard University, the National Gallery of Art, Irish World Academy, Trinity College Dublin, and Washington National Cathedral, as well as being a featured musical guest at the nationally-televised Inaugural Prayer Service for President Obama.

Allison offers masterclasses, lectures, recitals, an online course, and a free online sheet music library focused on Hildegard’s songs, and other diverse early music repertories, in addition to regular classes in her Facebook group, Encounter Hildegard.

She directs award-winning women’s ensemble Eya Medieval Music, featured on NPR and Voice of America radio, and appearing at various distinguished venues, and numerous colleges, universities, and concert series across the United States.

Allison has taught singing for over 20 years, including at Washington National Cathedral, Georgetown University, and her own private studio. Through her own personal healing journey and spiritual awakening, she has developed a holistic vocal framework and founded The Sacred Voice, a coaching practice which helps singers transform their relationship with their voice. 

Inspired by medieval mysticism and the natural cycles of nature, Allison has also developed a unique personal coaching model, Viriditas, to help her clients access their sacred creativity and cultivate wholeness and fulfillment in their work. She is also the founder of The Guild, an online community for everyday mystics which cultivates sacred aliveness in life, art, and work.

Some more personal things about me.

I am a performer, teacher, and scholar of the most exquisite medieval sacred music. My musical life centers around the musical and spiritual legacy of 12th-century mystic Saint Hildegard von Bingen, as well as other music written by and about medieval women. I direct Eya Medieval Music, featuring groundbreaking programs, stunning live performances, and free digital offerings for a growing global audience.

I am also a heartcentered Voice and Creativity Coach, guiding brilliant, creative souls on a pathway to manifest their unique desires and genius in their life, art, and work. (And remove the crushing pressure and uncomfy straightjacket of what they seem capable of, or “should” do, or suffer along with the limited options of the #establishment.)

Originally from the Philadelphia area, I received my formal music training at  Lycoming College (B.A.) and the Longy School of Music (M.M.). I’ve done some amazing things in my career so far. But honestly, nothing could have prepared me for the amazing turns my life has taken, despite everything I thought I was meant to do and who I thought I was.

I now live in beautiful Acton, Massachusetts, in an antique yellow farmhouse next to the water with my partner and husband, Richard, my little gorgeous Adrian, and my three very needy (but mostly enjoyable, and soft) cats. 

I love 80s music, dancing whenever I feel like it, my sister, libraries, nerdy references, Yiddish phrases, space, astrology, Human Design, coffee, writing, prayers, walks, wildlife, nature, puzzles, solutions, dessert, and staring out the window.

Whatever it is I am doing, I’m ready to disrupt the ordinary and make it fun. And sacred, of course.

The work of a lifetime.

It takes a huge leap of faith in yourself to step into the unknown. But when the inner pressure mounts, I’ve found out that there is simply no help for it. You have to move forward. I know a simple and way forward to help.

let's have a (virtual) coffee.
For my fellow mystics:
A personal letter about the creative pathway.

Hello Dear One, and I’m really truly happy to meet you.

I began my music career planning to become a performer of modest renown and music teacher in the niche of medieval music. 

(Haha, I love plans!)

Well, my plan morphed a bit. After spending twenty or so years pursuing a performance career, building my reputation, and teaching singing, I hit a big wall. 

I recognized that I was completely miserable, angry, burned out, and frankly, hurting. I was awash in comparison, perfectionism, a flip-flopping superiority/inferiority complex, and plain old fear about the future.

And while I occasionally had artistic breakthroughs and massive opportunities arrive on my doorstep, they were quickly engulfed by my returning fears. This was not sustainable.

And one day, I literally stopped in my tracks as I witnessed the whirlwind of negative thoughts in my mind, toxic and belittling. And I said, “STOP. We are done here. I will no longer suffer on account of my voice.”

I didn’t realize at the time, but that moment was my sacred NO to the status quo, and my sacred YES to a destiny that would reveal so much more than my classically-trained soprano Self could conceive as possible.

From that moment, my life, art, and work grew in dimension, and continues to evolve as I evolve. I began an inner healing journey that served to dissolve personal blocks, and illuminate the fascinating ways in which our emotional, psychological, and spiritual identity are functionally integrated with our singing voice, musical intelligence, and creativity.

As if that were not awesome enough, I also had a vision. Like, a 3am wake you up out of deep sleep vision in which I saw, through some knowing lens, the conception of what I call the Sacred Voice. This is the voice of the heart, sourced from the Divine and manifested through each of us. 

I began to explore this concept, the heartcentered voice, in my singing, my teaching studio, in rehearsal, and performance. My observations morphed into evidence, and I mapped out the Sacred Voice Framework which allows the integration of mind, body, AND spirit in voice training. 

As I deepened my experience, and tried to help other people discover these elegant techniques for themselves, I also began to observe the ways in which my heartcentered practices affected other areas of my life and work. I began shedding fears right and left. My mind quieted down (although she is still super feisty!), and I noticed an influx of easy, creative flow that had once felt so arduous and painful.

I became fascinated by the creative process, not only in my own life, but observing especially that of my hero and muse, the 12th-century visionary and composer Hildegard von Bingen, as well as the Virgin Mary, mystics, martyrs, and saints, business innovators, scientists and inventors, painters and musicians I admire, and especially The Beatles.

The evidence revealed a process of what I call Sacred Creativity.

This process reveals how—when we are willing—our minds are fertile ground, and when we are open we receive inspiration and guidance. It is then up to us to respond accordingly (and courageously) to that which we receive. As a result, our life, art, and work come into abundant fruition, and we are the harvesters of deep joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

As a Creativity Coach, I guide musicians, writers, teachers, spiritual and business leaders, and other creatives through this process to move past their hidden blocks and cultural restraints, tap into their infinite creative potential, and manifest their “crazy ideas” and deep gladness into form.

In other words, I coach brilliant souls who want to see their unique desires come to life without the crushing pressure and old-school straightjacket of what they seem capable of, and what they “should” do with their voice, art, and ideas, and realize their freaking boundless creative genius here in the real world, doing things they love, and having a life and career that feels amazing.

And because it draws us into oneness with the heart and mind of the Creator, as well as one another.

We create our lives in every moment. I used to unconsciously create a version of hell for myself.

Now I’m much more interested in creating a version of heaven that feels just right. It’s actually pretty simple, once you know how. You just have to get used to it. 

I can’t wait to show you how. 

Love, Allison