Allison Mondel

Musician, mentor, philosopher, and advocate.

Forging new creative pathways and illuminating equitable opportunities for artists.

“Mondel sang with a spare, otherworldly radiance… a performance from across the centuries, full of distant and irresistible beauties.” 

The Washington Post

After 25 years working as a professional classical singer, ensemble leader, and voice coach, Allison is forging new creative pathways and illuminating equitable opportunities for artists of all stripes.

Raised in the Philadelphia area, she received her B.A. cum laude in Music from Lycoming College (PA) and her M.M. in Early Music Vocal Performance from The Longy School of Music (MA). Some highlights of her performance career include artistic collaborations with Harvard University, the National Gallery of Art, Trinity College Dublin, and Washington National Cathedral, as well as being a featured musical guest at the Inaugural Prayer Service for President Obama. 

A performance specialist in medieval music, Allison is an expert in the notation and interpretation of the music of visionary Saint Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), a primary influence on her artistic and scholarly work for over 25 years. She is deeply committed to accessibility in medieval music, and founded the Symphonia Series to offer free, high-quality online sheet music and videos focused primarily on probing Hildegard’s well-known (but highly challenging) music.

Allison is director and co-founder of award-winning Eya Medieval Music, featured on NPR and Voice of America radio, and appearing at various distinguished venues, colleges, universities, and concert series across the United States. She has offered lectures, workshops, and masterclasses on medieval music at Irish World Academy (Limerick, Ireland), The Peabody Conservatory, New England Conservatory, Georgetown University, Williams College, and many more.

She has spent many years as a voice educator and coach, including Washington National Cathedral’s renowned treble chorister program, Georgetown University, Episcopal High School (VA), and her own private studio. She received specialized voice training with the Estill Voice Training Institute, and repertoire coaching with Nico and Carol Castel (NYC). 

Throughout her time as a performer and voice educator, and on the quest of her own healing and liberation, she developed a new philosophy of the voice. Her framework, called The Evergreen Voice, is a pedagogical model of singing rooted in heart-centeredness, holistic embodiment, and self-honoring.

In response to this emerging work on the voice, Allison was eager to transcend the professional outlets, creative constraints, and personal wounds borne of her experience in the classical and early music industries. She has spoken out on behalf of students and colleagues who suffered harm and mistreatment while studying and working in the field. You can read her manifesto here.

Allison recently relocated with her family to Metrowest Boston from Washington, DC. Following this move, she experienced a difficult break in her music career. During this time, she pursued thinking and writing about the process of “creative individuation.” This work developed into a new philosophy called The Pathway, which asserts the belief that every person has a fulfilling creative purpose, which is inevitably revealed if they are willing to pursue it. 

In this new season of her professional life, Allison is committed to empowering artists both locally and globally, and encouraging her students to grow in radically new and unexpected directions. 

Allison is excited to launch several new endeavors. Locally, she is planning the opening of Revolutionary, an inclusive community school that liberates voices and empowers people through music, creative wholeness, and respectful community. Globally, she is developing The Labyrinth, a creative wisdom school for seekers who dare to discover–and realize–their unique creative vocation. 

Allison believes we all possess a unique genius. And that with steadfast belief in our own potential, a willingness to transcend our limitations, and a whole lot of chutzpah, we can move mountains within ourselves to discover and realize our creative purpose, deep gladness, and prosperity as individuals, and as a collective.

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Engaging with music as a tool for healing and radical personal transformation.

Guiding creatives who want to radiate their artistic genius and personal truth into the wider world.

Understanding the ways in which we exercise the creative process in every facet of our lives.

Revolutionizing the outdated structures in Classical Music which disempower artists.

An important note on the business side of things.

In addition to my roles as musician and arts professional, I have for some time assumed the title of entrepreneur. As such, my  personal business is my primary employer, and through the years I have spent much time and many resources in attempting to understand how to lead it well and wisely (with varying degrees of success!).

It is my sincere desire to manage all my affairs with integrity and decency (of course), and feel that it’s important to share the following information.

I am always seeking creative and beneficial ways to ideally meet the needs of my audience and clients through various kinds of offers to work together. Sometimes these are free, and sometimes they are paid, as this is part of my business model. 

That said, whenever I present any paid offers to you (whether through my website, email, or otherwise), I staunchly adhere to principles of non-coercive marketing. Which means that 1) I will never pressure you to buy a product or service from me, 2) I trust you to know your own heart and mind about what is best suited for you, and 3) we are both empowered to make the choice on whether to work together, if that is mutually beneficial.

I am not here to grasp at your business, track your cookies on Meta, or twist your arm into a choice. I am here to serve you in good faith, guide you as best as I am able, and use my business as a force for collective goodwill and empowerment. 

Some more personal details (if you’re interested).

I had always wanted to be an artist, but pressured myself to pursue a degree in astronomy. Once I heard the music of the Renaissance, I dove headlong into the world of performing early music. Once I heard the music of Hildegard, I diverted that stream into medieval music, and never looked back. 

I consider myself a mystic and devoted student of Divine Wisdom, or Sophia. That is, I walk a pathway of love, hopefully raising my consciousness, and trying to remember to romance the sacred in the everyday. Some of the most influential teachers of my personal and spiritual development are Ram Dass, Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss, Tosha Silver, and Alice O. Howell. 

After 15 years in the Washington, DC region, I now live in beautiful Acton, Massachusetts with my husband, Richard, my gorgeous child, Adrian, and three very needy but lovable cats. I enjoy yoga and hiking, and recently started learning Kung Fu, challenging myself to be physically and mentally strong (and a graceful beginner).

I love 80s music, lurking around libraries and museums, psychological and esoteric studies, nerdy movie references and Yiddish phrases, astronomy and astrology, Human Design and the Gene Keys, reading the Tarot, morning coffee, nature and wildlife (especially birds), puzzles (all kinds, but devout Wordler), dessert, and staring out the window.

Whatever it is I am doing, I’m ready to disrupt the ordinary, get creative, and have an adventure. (I’d love some good company!)

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