Allison Mondel is a musician, teacher, and mystic.

Trained as a classical musician, her work has expanded to synthesize the areas of creativity, leadership, and service.

She received her M.M. in Early Music from The Longy School of Music with a focus in medieval music. Some highlights of her performance career include collaborations with Harvard University, the National Gallery of Art, Irish World Academy, Trinity College Dublin, and Washington National Cathedral, as well as being a featured musical guest at the Inaugural Prayer Service for President Obama. 

Her primary artistic focus is the music of visionary mystic Saint Hildegard of Bingen, whose works have influenced her teachings and performance for over 25 years. Allison offers immersive musical-spiritual programs, music and notation classes, and a free online sheet music library devoted to these works, viewed through a mystical lens.

Allison is the director of award-winning Eya Medieval Music, a collaborative performing ensemble, featured on NPR and Voice of America radio, and appearing at various distinguished venues, as well as numerous colleges, universities, and concert series across the United States. Through Eya, Allison edits a free online sheet music library dedicated to the songs of Hildegard of Bingen, and offers classes and programs on Hildegard’s music.

Inspired by Hildegard’s creative legacy, she studies the mystical nature of viriditas, a term coined by Hildegard translating to “greenness,” referring to the power of creative consciousness. Allison has developed The Pathway, a set of teachings that outline a mystical-meets-practical template of the creative process.

For many years Allison was a voice coach, including at Washington National Cathedral, Georgetown University, and her own private studio. Through her mindful observation of her students, her own personal journey as a singer, and her mystical revelation of the voice, she has innovated a framework that integrates heart, mind, and spirit with functional singing technique. Her teachings help singers access their innate creative voice and revolutionize their relationship with their singing.

On a more personal note, Allison’s personal challenges as an HSP in the realm of professional music led her to discern a greater outlet for service to the field. She has identified the Highly-Sensitive Creative (HSC), a group of deeply-gifted creatives, many of whom are struggling, lost, or alienated within the dominant culture of competition in the arts, and beyond. Allison offers a free online community for HSCs, as well as Reemerge, a program to help HSCs realize their aligned creative vocation, and open doors to a new movement which recognizes the under-valued—but crucial—role of the HSC as a leading innovative voice in our world today.

Fun Facts About Me

what i’m reading
Sensitive by Jenn Granneman and André Solo

where i live
Historic Acton, MA, USA

favorite artist
Robert Motherwell

i’m inspired by
space and the cosmos

favorite music
80s pop

A few personal details.

I am originally from the Philadelphia area, and have been, for as long as I can remember, a classic, textbook example of an Highly-Sensitive Person (HSP). I was originally planning to study science, and had a brief bout as an astronomy major in college. (Until I realized that my pleasure in staring at the night sky was not enough to help me pass my physics class.)

So after my first collegiate existential crisis, I dove into the world of early music. Things began to get very interesting. But honestly, nothing could have prepared me for the amazing turns my life has taken. 

I now live in beautiful Acton, Massachusetts in an antique farmhouse with my partner and husband, Richard, my little one, Adrian, and three very needy but soft cats. 

I love 80s music, dancing whenever I feel like it, my sister, libraries, birds, nerdy references, Yiddish phrases, space, astrology, Human Design, coffee, writing, prayers, walks, wildlife, nature, puzzles, solutions, dessert, and staring out the window.

Whatever it is I am doing, I’m ready to disrupt the ordinary and make it fun. And sacred. Of course.

Some stats.

Leo Sun, Virgo Moon, Libra Rising.
6/2 Sacral Manifesting Generator, LAX Revolution 2.

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