Archetypal Creativity

A revolutionary creative process.

Archetypal Creativity is a self-guided course on the ancient technology of the creative process made simple, tangible, and relevant in real life.

This course teaches the fundamentals of the creative process, offering an archetypal conceptual framework distilled into simple teachings and heart-centered practices to encourage clarity, flow, and maturation of creative consciousness. 

Archetypal Creativity provides a map of the universal creative process of life by translating the principles inherent in nature and the cosmos into a down-to-earth way, so you can apply these principles in any creative arena.

The creative process can seem like an enigma. And in many ways it is heady with mystery and paradox.

But the creative process is not evasive. It is, in fact, the evolutionary process of life which surrounds all that is. It’s truly part of our human program.

Including you.

Archetypal Creativity is founded upon these creative principles, but honed into a curriculum that supports your own creative calling, whether that promotes an exciting new project, a creative vocation, moving past a sticking point, or even reclaiming a creative voice that may seem lost.

The creative  process is universal. It is laid out here in order that we may learn these principles, and adopt them within the structures of our lives so that we may grow, evolve, and prosper. 

Creativity is no longer a sacred mystery. It is a life skill.

You can learn the practical alchemy of the creative process, and apply these principles across any area of your life, art, and work.

Yet creatives of all kinds are subject to blocks, confusion, and overwhelm. 

In many ways, this is part of the process of life. These seemingly “negative” landmarks–the setbacks, failures, jealousies, lost battles, and wrong turns–can also serve as catalysts for expanding into greater wisdom, commitment, and integrity on the creative pathway.

But I think we also know that, more likely, these difficult experiences are more likely to cause us to swim inside our minds, cling to doubt, and erode our self-trust. Being in the world is truly challenging, especially as a sensitive, deeply-feeling creative person.

Instead of moving forward with grounded clarity, we tend to linger within the places we know. We cannot see any other way. For some, self-doubt can fester. We may tighten up. We may isolate. We may balk at new ventures. We most definitely avoid the potential of rejection, and the pain that follows.

This is all normal, of course. But if this is you, and you are in the middle of it, then I know that it is a very difficult place to be. Living with the fear of the future, and zero control of your outcomes, is one of the great risks we take as creatives. You simply have no idea of what is going to pass.

Sometimes the pathway of the artist-creative is truly a hero’s quest. But it doesn’t always look that way!

All you really know is that you have a longing to pursue whatever vision is stirring within you, although you may have absolutely no clue how.

No one hands you a guide on “How To Be A Functional Artist” when you grow up, leave school, or enter the job market. We are encouraged to follow our heart, but we are taught that our highest value is in becoming “employable.” Eminence is only for a lucky, ultra-talented, hard-working, bulletproof few.

So when you are driven to create something new in your life, whether that be an artistic endeavor, a new business, product, or even identity, we can be destabilized by not knowing how to proceed. 

Archetypal Creativity offers a process for discovering the Creative Self.

This curriculum teaches the fundamentals of the creative process, simplified and distilled into a universal conceptual framework for any kind of Artist-Creative.

It helps you understand and access both your innate creative potential, as well as the greater field of creative consciousness.

In essence, you learn how to harvest the very best of what you have to offer, in a way that promotes the highest outcome for Self and other.

You can learn how to…

❍ Harness the creative process in a clear, tangible, trustworthy way.

❍ Understand the places where you block your flow.

❍ Rediscover trust in the currents of life, your own potential, and safety in revealing your own gifts, talents and desires.

❍ Rediscover the joy and fulfillment of your creative endeavors and projects, and the inherent beauty the co-creative process of life.

❍ Promote your unique genius and creative potency.

❍ Unplug from the entrenched, fear-based patterns of what “should” happen, so you can understand and materialize your unique and personal definition of life, art, and work.

❍ Grow the verdant vision of your Creative Self into the unique, subtle and splendid forms that truly reflect your inner being. 

Archetypal Creativity

Pre-Sale is now available. The course launches Friday, September 22nd.





See what’s included in Archetypal Creativity

The Curriculum

Lifetime access to the Archetypal Creativity online course, including all core lessons, worksheets, templates, and more.

In your course bundle, you will receive lifetime access to:

The Orientation

Come to base camp, where you will get an overview of the process, as well as guidance and wisdom along your personal pathway of creative evolution.

The Blueprint

Here are the stages of creation, a simple template that allows for linear and lateral unfolding of the process, whether a project, new career, or game-changing vision.

The Framework

This macro-construction of our creative consciousness helps to clarify and embody your place as Co-Creator within the larger ecosystem of nature.

The Cycles

Learn the two primary evolutionary cycles that govern the timing and the unfolding creative process, and how they overlay with our work.

The Flow

A tricky, but essential lesson in re-balancing the feminine and masculine principles inherent to the creative process, and encounter our unconscious mechanism of control.

The Visioning

A beautiful lesson in accessing your higher consciousness, where you enter the imaginal realm of the Higher Mind, and evoke its greater creative capacity to envision your works.

The Practices

A repository of archetypal, yet  highly practical, tools to unlock and guide the creative impulse, as well as heal the wounded mind and its negating interference.

The Three Nons

Distilled from several wisdom traditions, these tenets have become the critical internal foundation of non-suffering inside the creative process.

The Four Elements

The building blocks of the Creative are translated into everyday, practical wisdom, cultivating personal wholeness and creative prosperity.

Plus these bonuses to support your process:

Your Community

One-month FREE membership to The Guild, a private, online membership community to support the ongoing evolution of your creative process, through its crucial transformations (and inevitable rough patches).

Your Project Journal

Lifetime access to the The Journal, a customized creative tool to help you clarify your vision for any project, big or small, cultivate space for leaps forward, and craft your future.

Archetypal Creativity

Pre-Sale is now available. The course launches Friday, September 22nd.





A personal message from Allison.

When I was a full-time professional musician, an inherently creative field, I was constantly struggling with finding my voice.

And I know I was not the only one.

But all I could see around me was limited, lackluster, and confining outlets for musical creativity. And these kinds of limitations fostered a kind of scarcity mindset amongst this community.

One became entirely dependent on being externally accepted in order to fulfill your creative urges.

One of the most urgent questions that I began to ask was: why are we relegated to such limited creative options when the Divine has created such a vast universe of potential and possibility?

How can we create a better way to express our true nature, and fulfill the purposeful work that we are designed to offer the rest of the world, no matter who you are, your degree of artistic talent or ability, or education and qualification?

What I am saying is: why are creative pursuits only available to a few?

Why can’t we all fulfill our creative potential—completely void of competition and comparison—in the way that only we can?

What is the solution that serves anyone who is bold enough to claim their innate creativity and truly express themselves in their life, their art, and their work?

I know this is a Big Ask. But I got a big answer. I lived and breathed this work, and these concepts in my own life, channeling the content, crafting the work, and canoeing through my own hero’s quest in order to reach this new landmark.

Archetypal Creativity is a map of the creative process, built upon the most simple, beautiful, and kind foundation.

In addition to the primary curriculum, this course also includes some of the most valuable guidance and support for your personal journey through this process.

Because meeting your creative potential is also a Big Ask. And that quite naturally comes with some resistance and interference of the mind. It is also, as they say, part of the process.

So ask yourself: what am I being called to create in my life at this time?

And then ask yourself: am I ready and willing to actually receive the highest outcome of this quest?

If the answer is Yes, then herein is a most lovely way forward.

Creativity is not simply about what we make, or what original, innovative, or professional heights we stretch to.

But rather, the creative process of life is about who we become, how we can share our deep gladness, and indeed, make the world a better place through our own dear, sacred, and affirming creative acts.

Archetypal Creativity inspires what I call “Radical Generosity,” an implication of your willingness to become the vessel who receives, and the sharer who offers the work of a co-creative process. 

This is a process grounded in integrity, fostered in trust, and offered in a greater Love which connects us all, and promises a new kind of prosperity.

Can you envision a personal experience in which the wounded mind can heal, and make way for the leadership, guidance, and brilliance of the Heart and its depth of wisdom and connectedness to higher intelligence?

This heart is a beacon of our mutual prosperity, and a lighthouse within our very own harbor. 

It calls us home to our greater purpose, and reminds us that we can create a life in which that purpose is manifested through our works, deeds, and our word.

Archetypal Creativity

Pre-Sale is now available. The course launches Friday, September 22nd.





Have questions before enrolling?

I understand. This is important work to do together. And for some people, it’s a big step.

Please reach out and send me a message with your questions. I am excited to hear from you!

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