I don’t know what I’m doing

Can you recall a time when you had no idea what you were doing? (I have these moments, like, all the time.) Say you are learning something new, or practicing something, or in a rehearsal, and those dreaded words bubble up from your mind: I have no idea what I'm doing....

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how does fear show up in singing?

I love the 80s. Especially Alf and pop music. (Ah, the music!) My personal Spotify playlist is packed with gems from the 80s, and when I listen to them, I have a smile plastered on my face and feel that all is right with the world.  One of my favorite bands of all...

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why your voice gets stuck

I was up against a wall. Literally. My tongue was valiantly trying to poke out of my open mouth to formulate some semblance of an "ah" vowel whilst singing a downward scale. 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. The teacher was attempting to have my tongue stay politely in place when I...

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What is your Sacred Voice?

When I first started The Sacred Voice Studio, I honestly had no idea what a Sacred Voice really was. I knew it was a something that was calling to me, a whisper of a concept that was vital and personal, but I had no conceot of what would evolve into my current understanding.

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Allison Mondel
Allison Mondel is a musician, philosopher, advocate, and mentor. Her greatest delight is to understand how things work, and share her hard-won wisdom with others. She writes about the higher nature of music and the voice, alchemizing personal roadblocks, and the pursuit of one's creative vocation.

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