The wisdom of Rest

I am taking some time away up on the coast of Maine with my family for two weeks. (Two weeks. It seems like two years!) It's such a vital reflection point, taking the space and time to remove yourself from the regular comings and goings of life and work. It seems like...

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How to be patient

Do you know Frog and Toad? They are *wonderful* anthropomorphic children's story characters (but really, these stories are for adults). In a story titled "The Garden," Toad comes to visit Frog one day, and sees his glorious and abundant garden. My goodness! he...

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The pursuit of greatness

What does the term greatness bring up for you? I believe we all strive to realize our best, and seek our own, personal version of greatness in our lives.  But somehow, when it comes to music, art, the voice, and personal expression, we tend to relegate "greatness" to...

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I'm so grateful you are here. I hope this content will help to illuminate and guide your own musical and creative journey through your best life, art, and work.

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