You are officially enrolled!

Thank you for joining this new course, and thank you for being the magnetic, inventive, heart-centered, and brilliant person who is about to get very, very creatively scrappy.

This course has been in some form of development for a year and a half, as these principle teachings have come into form. And, frankly, as I have been able to distill and interpret them in a way that makes sense and is, I believe, truly and utterly helpful. And, I hope, life changing.

As an early adopter, I want to thank you for joining this movement to create a heaven in your own life, as you learn how to  distill the very best of what you have to offer into form. And make a difference in your own life, and, perhaps when you’re ready, for the rest of the world. 

So now is the time to go and check your email for more details about your next steps, now that you have officially enrolled. There is really so much more to come.

I’m not really sure how much gratitude can spill into my words, but I trust that you are as excited as I am to make some real life magic happen. 

Get ready for a most illuminating journey ahead!


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