The Non-Grasping Experiment

A 40-day opportunity to practice the valor required to lean into the ambiguity of the future, grow faith in ourselves, and surrender our outcomes to the Divine.

This Experiment was borne from my realization that I cannot control my future.

I wanted to be in control of my outcomes. I was too attached to what I wanted to avoid (rejection, failure, scarcity), that I was not willing to become available for what I wanted to come (belonging, service, abundance). But my grasping at control only made matters worse.

After many years of letting my ego try to run the show, I hit a breaking point. I was exhausted, demoralized, and simply out of options in an attempt to manifest what is, for me, a personal version of prosperity. 

But I realized that I could no longer let my mind solve this problem. So, as my last resort, I offered this situation to the Divine. I asked God to help me. I prayed that I might realize a way forward that I simply couldn’t see yet.

Later that night, I was awoken with the idea of this Experiment. It is a 40-day container for practicing letting go of my need for control, bolstering my faith in the process of life, and letting God’s Will take the lead in all matters.

Because in all of my seeking, I finally heard the truth within this great, awful paradox of ancient wisdom:

If you want to detach from your suffering, you must detach from your grasping.

Do you know what that really means?

It means we have to be more than brave. We have to summon our utmost valor to take a leap into the void of the Unknown, in the midst of its utter ambiguity and imperfect circumstances.

Because we know it’s the Right Thing to do. We know that the highest way is the way of The Highest: Divine Love in real action in our very own lives, no matter how confusing or unfamiliar that may seem.

I am committed to this experiment for 40 days, and am sharing my process in the hopes that it may serve you on your own pathway towards liberation. You are welcome to join me, or start at any time.

There are no guarantees of success, magic, or liberation. This is an experiment: I have no idea what exactly will happen when I stop grasping and striving. This is a practice of clarifying a brighter destination, while leaning into letting go of the perfect outcome. Instead, I will surrender to Divine Will, and admit that there is a greater force of Devoted Love which knows me much, much better than I know myself.

I can offer guidance and companionship along the way, with the aid of several acquired tools to help lead us towards what the Buddha describes as Right Action.

It is absolutely The Hardest Thing to let go of control. But sometimes, like right now, in the absence of a clear way forward, surrender is truly the most productive thing we can do. 

So… let the Non-Grasping commence!

Here is The Method.

Here are the basic components of The Non-Grasping Experiment. This process is meant to be personalized. Get a piece of paper and craft this for yourself.

1) Define what you are tracking. (What are you seeking to realize without your attempting to control?)

Ex. “I am tracking my leap into a successful and inspired career reinvention.”

2) State your desired outcome(s). (What would make your heart sing? Don’t attach to it. Just clarify.)

Ex. “I redefine my success and prosperity by doing what I love, realizing my personal genius, serving others, adhering to my values, and being financially liberated.”

3) Follow The Plan. (See below.)

Here is The Plan.

This is the process I will be following for 40 days. (I am not perfect, but I am committed to this choice.) Here is what will unfold:

1) Offer all outcomes to the Divine.

2) Be open to illumination of Right Action, i.e. be available to what comes, as you cultivate openness.

  • Meditate a minimum of 5 minutes per day. (You can do more. But be realistic.)
  • Journal every day. (See below for journaling suggestion.)
  • Optional: use an oracle deck, tarot cards, or I Ching coins to help support your process.

3) When you receive guidance on Right Action, follow it up. Ok, this is the really, really important part: No. Excuses.

As part of The Non-Grasping Experiment, I want to offer my subscribers a free trial version of one of my primary creative tools, The Journal. 

This tool is a container for your creative process. I use it every day, and it has revolutionized the way that I work.

Inside The Journal are two printable templates. The first is called The Blueprint, which gives you an overview of your creative project. The second is a daily journal entry to direct your creative process into greater illumination about what is needed right now.

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    The Next Steps

    The Non-Grasping Experiment is really about trying a new way to be in the midst of change.

    Surrendering outcomes and taking leaps takes a lot of mental, emotional, and psychic energy, and you will meet resistance. This is part of the process of becoming liberated. This is about practicing the hard things.

    So let’s take it one day at a time. 

    For accountability, I will be posting my own progress on my Instagram account @thearchetypalcreative, and you are welcome to follow along. If you are participating and would like an accountability partner, send me your progress via email at allison@allisonmondel.com. I’d love to hear from you.

    And finally…

    I’m really excited to begin. I am honored to be learning as I teach. This is a very humbling experience, and I do not enter into it lightly.

    May God bless this incredible journey in which our endless imagination is celebrated by our wholehearted valor. May we rise up to meet our brightest Self, emboldened by the Divine Plan for our mutual prosperity.


    Love you,

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