From Fallow to Florescence

Become the master gardener of your year ahead.

Clear out the weeds, envision your plan, and cultivate your sacred garden so your creative vision of life can truly flourish.



1. The process of flowering.

Late 18th century: from modern Latin florescentia, from Latin florescere ‘begin to flower’, based on flos, flor- ‘flower’.

About Your Guide 

Allison Mondel
Musician, Voice and Viriditas Coach, Director, Scholar, Speaker

Lauded by The Washington Post for her “spare, otherworldly radiance,” Allison Mondel is a visionary teaching artist, voice and creativity coach, and scholar in medieval music. She is a notation and performance specialist of the chants of 12th-century mystic Hildegard von Bingen. 

Some highlights of her performance career include collaborations with Harvard University, the National Gallery of Art, Irish World Academy, Trinity College Dublin, and Washington National Cathedral, as well as being a featured musical guest at the nationally-televised Inaugural Prayer Service for President Obama.

Allison offers masterclasses, lectures, recitals, an online course, and a free online sheet music library focused on Hildegard’s songs, and other diverse early music repertories, in addition to regular classes in her Facebook group, Encounter Hildegard.

She directs award-winning women’s ensemble Eya Medieval Music, featured on NPR and Voice of America radio, and appearing at various distinguished venues, and numerous colleges, universities, and concert series across the United States.

Allison has taught singing for over 20 years, including at Washington National Cathedral, Georgetown University, and her own private studio. Through her own personal healing journey and spiritual awakening, she has developed a holistic vocal framework and founded The Sacred Voice, a coaching practice which helps singers transform their relationship with their voice. 

Inspired by medieval mysticism and the natural cycles of nature, Allison has also developed a unique personal coaching model, Viriditas, to help her clients access their sacred creativity and cultivate wholeness and fulfillment in their work. She is also the founder of The Guildan online community for everyday mystics which cultivates sacred aliveness in life, art, and work.

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