The Guild

Community support for creatives walking through life’s crucial transformations.

The Guild is an online membership community to support and inspire creative rebels and visionaries as they boldly walk the pathway of the heart.

It offers guidance, connection, and encouragement for creatives (both professional and non-professional) who want to overcome the challenges which hold them back, so they can finally bring their biggest dreams into form.

The Guild is a community membership offering a safe space, leadership, guidance, creative process support, accountability, and most crucially… community.

Our private platform and global community are a container to help you realize your creative gifts, nurture your spirit, embrace your process (especially the hard parts), and disrupt your old patterns to support the unfolding of a unique pathway that is meant just for you.

This is a place in which we partner with the inherent rhythm and cycles of life and nature to inform and support the unfolding of our Creative Self both individually, and collectively.

The Guild is for heart-centered, soul-led, deep-feeling creatives who…

❍ Have something truly unique to express (but now always sure what, when, or how).

❍ Desire to break free of the limited mindset and societal conditioning that keep them held back, confused, or overthinking. 

❍ Want to connect and collaborate with a community of other creative freethinkers and visionaries who share a mission of purposeful living through their creativity.

❍ Seek guidance, mentorship, radical acceptance, empowerment, and compassionate support on their journey of the Creative Self.

Believe there is something much more brilliant and joyful available for them, but may not be able to see or touch that yet.

What happens inside?

The Guild is a group of creative people from around the world, coming together for regular connection, support, and inspiration.

We meet every week for our primary group call, the Monday Meetup, with an additional weekly drop-in co-working Green Hour, in addition to a private member’s forum (not on Facebook!) where you can post or respond to questions, offer comments, suggest future topics, and most importantly… connect with your community.

Each weekly call will be recorded and archived if you cannot make the live call (or want to reference a specific topic). You can also send in specific questions to be addressed on our weekly call (with the option of anonymity).

A special feature of The Guild is the private, Nameless Dropbox for anonymously offering special concerns, troubles, and worries about your process or situation.

Join The Guild: A Visionary Community

The doors are now open to The Guild. Our first official Meetup is Monday, October 2nd!



renews monthly / flexible plan



renewed yearly / save 30%

The Guild may be right for you if you…

Want to bring your ideas into form, but feel lost and/or stuck in how to make that happen. 

Have a deep calling to bring your vision to life, and would love some guidance on how to move forward. 

Have fears which obscure and confound your way forward, including confusion, procrastination, and self-doubt. 

Feel a big shift in your creative life, and want to illuminate your unique, sacred pathway to clarity and fulfillment.

Want to know the way into clarity of how to move your dreams into form.

Want to infuse a greater connection with spirit into your life, art, and work. 

Want to be nourished by your creative works, rather than guilty, impatient, or frustrated.

Seek health, vitality, and well-being in tandem with your creative work. 

Seek a clear pathway into manifesting their creative vision, vocation, and purpose.

Choose to allow your creativity to flourish, rather than be maddeningly held within.

Desire to more confidently bring your art into the world, without apology or compromise.

Want to bring greater intention and reward to your life, art, and work. 

Want your work to be sourced from your Highest Self, in a connection with your creative purpose.

The Guild offers support for creatives who are hungry to break free of limiting, homogenized outlets, and forge a new way forward. 

It’s a living alchemy course for realizing clearer direction and greater purpose in your life, art, and work.

Meet others who understand the ups and downs of the unfolding process of crafting a new way to be in the world, honoring your own pathway, and the courage to persevere through the inevitable thickets of personal evolution.

The Guild is a gathering place for personal accountability, quietude, and creation in community. Members receive support and guidance throughout their creative process, and weekly ritual time for conscious creation.

What’s included in your Guild Membership?

Weekly Call: Monday Meetup

Weekly topic discussion chosen in advance, plus Q&A with Allison, and a range of contemplative practices to help center and guide the mind, and open to the creative process.

WHEN: Every Monday from 12-1pm ET (time and date subject to change)
WHERE: Live Video call on Zoom, approx. 60mins (recorded and archived)

Drop-In Call: Thursday Green Hour

Intentional working hour for Guild members, held as an open session where you can come and go as you like, connect with other members via the chat, or turn off your video and mute that chat, and simply give yourself the time and space to focus and honor your process.

WHEN: Every Thursday from 12-1pm ET
WHERE: Live Video call on Zoom, approx. 60mins (not recorded)

Online Community Forum: The Gathering

Your go-to gathering place for receiving and offering support and guidance, sharing your situation, helpful and interesting resources, and more. The Guild’s members-only chat is hosted inside our private member portal, with helpful mobile app access (and no Facebook distractions or weirdness).

WHEN: 24/7
WHERE: Private online membership portal

Then join us inside The Guild.

Because we are stronger together.

Doors open Monday, October 2nd.



renews monthly / flexible plan



renewed yearly / save 30%

Hey, it’s Allison.

I know it’s very easy to hide what’s really happening behind the scenes in our creative process, and in our creative life.

When we get stuck, it’s easy to struggle with our minds, become disillusioned, lose our trust, lose our hope, and suffer setbacks. For some people, myself included, this can feel like a shameful place to be, and we want to hide away—and hide from—our actual, real life experience. You know, the hard parts. 

We tend to avoid the subject, avoid other people, and sometimes, avoid the problem.

This can be detrimental for our creative process, and most definitely for our well-being.

It was very difficult for me to be alone during a very introspective and difficult process of finding my way forward. But I knew I had to find other people who would understand what I was going through. Where I didn’t have to hide.

Eventually, I discovered a spiritual community, which helped me find my way back to some grounded-ness and self-compassion in my life, even in the midst of big transitions and incredibly trying times.

But I could not find a community that offered the process-oriented, intellectual, psychological, emotional, and spiritual support I wanted, and the connection that I craved in my artistry, musicianship, and in my emerging work as a creativity teacher and mentor.

I wanted to offer this resource to others who need another way, who can lean on one another, and who can mutually walk The Pathway of discerning, knowing, and trusting the Creative Self.

It was essential for me to have a community of like-minded people walking a spiritual pathway. I want to meet those who are willing to be courageous in their vulnerability about what really happens in our lives when we seek something as big and important as our True Self. 

Because I believe there is a vacuum of truly honest, courageous, and service-oriented people who are willing to really make changes in their life, in their art, and in their work for the mutual benefit of everyone

This is the vision I have as a creative rebel. It’s one I want to share with you, too. It’s a gift to meet you, and join you on this crazy odyssey of the Artist-Creative with a big, bold vision.

By coming together, dissolving our mutual fears, and overcoming our personal and collective challenges, we begin to shape our world for the better, one life at a time.

Join The Guild: A Visionary Community

The doors are now open to The Guild. Our first official Meetup is Monday, October 2nd!



renews monthly / flexible plan



renewed yearly / save 30%

The Guild is a place to…

❍ Bring our true places to the surface.

❍ Allow and foster the beautiful connections in life.

❍ Recognize sacredness in the everyday, and in relationship with one another other.

❍ Normalize, adapt to, and honor the fluctuating creative cycles of life, art, and work.

❍ Become aligned with the Nature, and her seasons of living and creative growth.

❍ Regenerate your own version of sacred aliveness.

❍ Belong amongst those who are just like you. (But not at all.)

Have questions before you join The Guild?

I understand. This is important work to do together. And for some people, it’s a big step.

Please reach out and send me a message with your questions. I am excited to hear from you!

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