How do you (actually) use your sacred voice?

— October 3, 2021 —

W R I T T E N  B Y  Allison Mondel

The purpose of the voice is to communicate. The purpose of the sacred voice is to send love into the world. That’s right… love.

You inhabit an instrument of love.

To activate and use our voice in this love-centered way is a process that I learn about every day, making mental notes on a process that is anything but mental. 

The process in which you use your voice, that is, how you make sound, can be analyzed and documented to the kilohertz, and manipulated to create whatever results you desire for your sound. 

But that’s not why I am here, and I am pretty sure that is not why you are here?

You want to find a way to express the gorgeous loveliness that is the content of your being through your voice, unhindered and unbound from physical and mental tension begot by fear, overwhelm, and lack of clarity.


Well, according to my mental notes, and documented experience, and referencing every singer I have ever worked with in this new paradigm, it is actually pretty simple. 

Here’s the gist…

First, a definition:

The sacred voice is your Self activated by breath and intention and manifested into sound. It is commonly obscured over time by our experiences of rejection, shame, and unworthiness around our voice, singing, and creativity in general (but in other ways, too).

The sacred voice is an aspect of your being, part of your humanness, if you will. It will never leave or betray you, but rather lie in wait for when you are ready.

There is a three-fold process in which to activate and access the sacred voice. I call this the Sacred Voice Framework, borne of a vision and rendered into three simple concepts. Here it is:

Pillar One: Heartcenteredness

The heart center is the source of our sacred voice. It is the nexus from which we connect all aspects of our being (body, mind, spirit, emotions, energy), as well as our connection with Source and all other beings.

Pillar Two: Flow State

As we use our voice and activate sound vibration, we sustain the flow of breath energy at all times. This is achieved by sustaining our awareness of our breath (which is easily interrupted by the mind). Being in the Flow State sustains presence in the moment.

Pillar Three: Intentionality

We create our experience of our singing by using our intention. This means that we craft a desired outcome for whatever aim we choose, and allow our voice to follow, trusting our body’s sound mechanism in its inherent wisdom and functionality.

Here is how to start:

To intentionally use your sacred voice is as simple as using your intention: “I call forth my sacred voice.”

Next, use your intention to:

1) Bring awareness to your heart space, resting your mind and easing your ego (even if that seems as remote as the Himalayas!). When you drift away, you return to this centered awareness, over and over again.

2) Become aware of your breath moving through you, now activated in your physical body, and make this your focus.

3) Direct your intention to what you choose to create next, in that moment. This is where things get creative and interesting. Intention could range from “I am going to make one sound and see if I don’t completely shrivel up” to “I will sustain my breath energy over the top note of this phrase until I take my next inhale.” Or anything under the sun, really.

Now the trickiest bit…

You have to trust that this process is unfolding.

You have to trust that you are co-creating your voice, rather than making or forcing your voice do something for you, and then blame it for not meeting the mark, malfunctioning, or abandoning you. 

This framework is a way to re-envision how you use your voice. It promotes the notion that you are a precious, divine being capable of enriching the world with love in the complex form of sound energy without exception.

It is one of the most sacred acts you can offer: to bring forth love through your voice. 

Try it out sometime?



IMAGE: Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash

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