How to define your voice.

— September 7, 2022 —

Think back to the last time you were about to start singing something. 

What was the first thought that came to your mind?

I hope this comes out ok.
Don’t do it wrong.

What will they think of my voice?
Is there enough ________?
Am I doing all the things right?
At the same time?
Is that the right pitch?
I hope this is right.
Don’t mess up.

For about one million years, I was obsessed with being and doing things “right.” Because that was my experience of singing: make sure ya do it right or suffer the consequences.

And what exactly were the consequences of not doing something right, but actually doing something wrong?

Rejection. Embarrassment. Shame. Admonishment. Public admonishment. Belittling. These consequences were unmistakably painful and punishing.

So what about those thoughts? The ones riiiiiight before you are about to sing? 

Your thoughts are going to define your experience in that very moment you are about to create something with your voice. 

If the nature of your thoughts are undefined, they will be rooted in your unconscious experience (for better or for worse).

Let me say that another way: your singing—and your experience of your voice—will be defined by what you unconsciously think.

Until you get wise and shape the dialogue. 

Dear << Test First Name >>: if you do not want to walk around unconsciously dreading the worst, then you must define your experience of your voice and the music you sing.


✴️ Because you will be able to tap into your innate musical and physiological capacity, creative intelligence, and true, authentic voice.

✴️ Because you will co-create a divine and powerful current of transcendent, electric beauty.

✴️ Because you will consciously invite, experience, and know the very best of your voice.

The key is to define your experience (and grow aware of vagueness).

My inner dialogue is like quicksilver, so I have to be on the watch for sneaky thought-bubbles like “don’t sound like sh*t or you could be ejected.”

It takes more mental effort, self-love, and resolve to start instead with…

This is an offering of love.
I am centered and grounded.
My breath is relaxed and deep.
This ________ (onset/moment/note/word/phrase) will go like this.
I have enough breath to last a lifetime.
I am a vessel of amplified, sacred power and it’s freaking intense but I’m sticking with it.

You can see how something like “don’t mess up” seems a bit, um, lackluster?

Your thoughts define your experience. And thoughts come in many forms.

They will work wonders for you, if you choose them wisely.


Prompts for a More Sacred Vocal Experience

Take a moment to breathe, center awareness within the heart space, and enter into a state of stillness.  Allow these questions to guide your higher mind into clarity.

What are your unconscious thoughts right before you sing?

What is driving those thoughts? Why?

What do you choose to allow instead?

What would it take to instill these thoughts the next time you sing?

Are you willing to try?


A Prayer for Your Voice and Mind

Dear God,
May my thoughts be peaceful, loving, and wise.
May I allow only the highest thoughts to accompany my voice.
May my mind be spacious and clear so that my thoughts may be turned to You.
May I be guided by my inner truth towards that which I am here to truly express in this world.
May I be wise to confusion, vagueness, and misdirected fears.
May I rise into the true nature of my voice as a divine instrument: capable, worthy, and sacred.
May I be courageous as I step into new life with my voice, conscious of my own power and my capacity to co-create with You whenever I choose.
Thank you for my voice. Thank you for my mind.
May I be a wise steward of my voice and mind, in service and devotion to You.
And so it is. Amen.



About Allison Mondel
Transformational Voice Coach, Singer, Teaching Artist, Director, Mentor, Speaker

I am a visionary artist, educator, and voice coach whose work stands at the intersection of vocal wellness, spiritual wisdom, and personal empowerment. With 25+ years of professional experience as a performer, teacher, and mentor, I empower others to access their innate vocal gifts through a holistic process, and ascend into their personal greatness. I have helped hundreds of students access their voice and step beyond their doubts into joyful, courageous, and purposeful self-expression. 

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