The Highly-Sensitive Creative

The Highly-Sensitive Creative (HSC) is a new kind of creator.

They have access to an infinite wellspring of creative flow.

Theirs is the type whose creative impulse cannot be separated from their primary identity.

They are not relegated to one kind of artform or craft, but rather allow themselves to be a vehicle of creative consciousness in any form it may manifest.

They sense their inner proximity to this source of creativity, and whether consciously or unconsciously, they recognize and trust this innate connection in alignment with their sensitive nature.

Indeed, their finely-honed gifts of sensitivity allow both their inner and outer senses to be harmoniously aligned with the essence of creative consciousness.

The HSC knows they are here for a purpose.

They also sense (although they may not yet realize) that there is a grave imbalance in the culture. This imbalance has caused great suffering for countless others who are subject to the rules of engagement.

Perhaps they have something to do about it. 

The HSC knows that they have something invaluable to offer.

But they have not yet identified their contribution, especially when looking through the lens of what is currently the norm for creative expression in many different areas of the arts.

Perhaps their contribution could make a difference.

The HSC knows they must honor their inner calling.

But though they may have no idea who, what, where, when or why, or may be terrified to mine the depths of their true creative potential because they may have no idea how.

Perhaps their voice is really important after all.

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There are times, however, when the dominant culture does not honor the individual creative impulse.

Especially in artforms in which creatives are meant to conform and make uniform their contributions, such as in a choir or orchestra. Or in classical music training in which student curriculum is designed for students to become uniformly skilled, but oftentimes in which proficiency is masked by unconsciously aggressive agendas of conformed excellence.

I believe that this is where the inherent creative impulse of children is squelched, if not guided by the paradigm of creative self-honoring of the teacher and institution.

It is a common fact, however, that HSCs are commonly at odds within the dominant culture that is motivating individuals with the pressure to compete and conform. And that an individual’s contribution is only deemed worthy if they have some quantitative value of talent and skill to offer to the whole. Otherwise, they may be left out in the cold. Which, for an HSC, despite their bucketloads of intellect, talent, and skill, is a terrible place to find yourself.

So if you identify as an HSC, it makes perfect sense that you have no idea what to do, or how to go about doing in any way outside of the culture’s standard rules. That means you are perfectly normal… for an HSC.

But that does not mean you have to follow those rules any longer, especially if they require you to conform, compromise, or compete amidst the insanity of the battlefield.

It does mean, however, that you may be required to find your own way. And to refresh your relationship with the flow of creative consciousness. 

If you are an HSC and you want to thrive in your own energy, realize your own gifts, and actualize your own creative vocation, you must be willing to put down your sword and take off your armor, and be willing to:

⚭ Adopt a different set of principles in order to realize your creative success and fulfillment.

⚭ Be willing to integrate your own sensitive story as an inherent aspect of your creativity.

⚭ Acknowledge and cultivate your sensitive strengths and superpowers.

⚭ Be open to the ways in which you are an instrument of Divine Love, and serve a larger purpose.

⚭ Be resolute in knowing that your deep gladness is worth seeking, and may also just serve the world in unimaginably beautiful ways.


Embrace your singular gifts. Liberate your creative voice. Realize your heart-centered purpose as an HSC.

Check out my new pilot program for Highly-Sensitive Creatives who want to realize their personal vision of life, art, and work aligned with their inherent gifts of sensitivity.

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