The Labyrinth

A Creative Wisdom School

For heroes on the odyssey to realize their creative truth in life, art, and work.

The Labyrinth is coming this Summer 2024.
Join the waitlist for launch details.

The Labyrinth is for creatives who dare to seek their unique expression in the world, stretch into their potential, and envision a New Way forward.

It is a place to:

❍ Discern your unique artistic realization (no matter your medium, education, or experience) in safe community. 

❍ Contain your process of walking the wild, unknown, pathless path, or what I call “creative individuation,” without getting lost. 

❍ Rebel against the status quo, and finally do things that feel right, good, and important in your life, because what you do matters.

What is a “creative wisdom school”? 

It is a container for learning and applying creative principles, receiving counsel, building relationship with other seekers, encountering your creative Self, and ultimately, undergoing a transmutation in which our intentions for our creativity are realized in our lives.

The Labyrinth is founded on the values of forging your personal truth, pursuing wholeness, and honoring both Self and Other.

Joining our school will not guarantee outcomes, fast-track your career, or help you rise to the top of a heap. You are on a journey of the creative Self. Joining The Labyrinth will empower and guide you to encounter your truer genius, wrangle your inner beast(s), and boldly share your work in the world.

It is a container to:

❍ Become more whole. 

❍ Hold space for an unseen possibility. 

❍ Reenvision the way forward in integrity. 

The Labyrinth is a learning environment to gird, instruct, and inspire the creative process of discerning your pathway as an artist. 

It is for artist-creatives (both professional and non-professional) who are not merely seeking career clarity or even an outlet for their work, but realizing a meaningful and life-sustaining vocation, borne from the inside-out. 

It’s a place in which feeling lost, confused, or disenchanted is not a “problem,” or anything to be ashamed about. This state of feeling, despite its friction, is actually an integral part of the process. Your lack of clarity—right now and about the future–is normal. 

Confusion is an invitation (in tricky disguise) to stretch into the next chapter of your personal becoming. This unknown chapter is possible when our search is grounded in wholeness, integrity, and truth. 

But it starts with the leap of your life.

A Haven for the New

The Labyrinth is a community of creative seekers who share a mission of purposeful living through their creativity.

We are all walking The Pathway, and undergoing the process of revealing and sharing our genius in the world in an entirely fresh way. 

Our school offers a container for artist-creatives who are hungry to break free of limiting, homogenized outlets, and forge a novel way forward. 

It’s an incubator for discovering the deeper currents at play in your creative life, and illuminating the unexpected ways in which your work is meant to be shared with the world, outside of any rigid or preconceived notions of what the culture deems available, or viable.

We are working together to promote sustainable well-being, encourage the expression of your genius in the world, dig into the courage required to persevere through the inevitable thickets of transformation, and stretch into the grand experiment of life, revealing our purpose through our creative works.

The Labyrinth is for you if:

❍ You sense your potential, but feel confused, lost, and unsettled.

❍ You are exhausted from chasing, grasping, and squeezing yourself into what the world tells you is the only way.

❍ You are done fighting (and losing) for your place.

❍ You want to understand yourself, your purpose, and your possibility more fully and honestly. 

❍ You believe in the possibility of your creative Self materializing in your real life.

Radical permission to proceed off-course.

The process of your creative individuation, or what I call “The Pathway,” is initiated when you choose to transcend your old place in the culture, whose existing structures, I’m afraid, will never allow for the breadth and span of your uniqueness.

Most people do not walk this path. Because we are taught to play by the rules, from our parents, teachers, schools, and institutions. We are taught that we are secure if we play nicely. That we could lose everything if we don’t play by those rules.

But we are also taught that if we want to succeed, then we must compete and be the best by doing the same things in the same way as everyone else. 

Most people submit to the will of culture. Most people lack vision. Most people stop searching. Most people are not willing to give up the tension of their current situation in favor of one that seems more “safe.”

Listen, no one will give you permission to leave systems that don’t work for you, or to be defiant, or to write your own rules. 

Rebels don’t play it safe just because everyone thinks they should. They are warriors of the Self, and standard-bearers of a Different Way. They know there is another, more authentic, and more sacred path to live their life. If you are a rebel, you know the only permission you need is from yourself. (If it helps, you have mine, too.)

Because I believe you have agency to create your own vision for your life, no matter what kind of work you do. And I believe that pathway exists for you, even if you do not yet remotely see how that may be. I also believe that the greater Divine has a plan for you, even though I don’t know what that is specifically. That’s not the point.

 The point is this: you must be willing to ask for the Plan, and then do the unthinkable.

You must be willing to be different, and pursue your own pathway. 

To be yourself. To be a leader in your own life. To stretch. To trust. To leap. To be a mold breaker and barrier jumper and death defier. To be a lover. To be a healer. To be healed.

And ultimately, to be a magician. To create on such a grand scale that you feel like you may be delusional, but you’re not. You are actually crystal clear. (The rest of the world hasn’t caught up yet.)

Our Wisdom School is based on three primary principles:

I / Philosophy
The Pathway: The Quest of Creative Individuation

II / Process
Natura: Creative Principles in Action

III / Practice
The Magician: Enactment of Co-Creation

I / Philosophy
The Pathway: The Quest of Creative Individuation

The journey towards becoming a creative person who is living their purpose is walking what I call “The Pathway.” It’s the archetypal journey of a lost Magician–the ultimate creator–wending her way back to her true home, after the world has let her down.

This search for creative purpose is not unique, of course. So many of us long for this realization. For a long while I prayed that I would be shown my true purpose and place as an artist. And as I witnessed the struggle of my students, and so many other Good People who felt disenfranchised and disillusioned by their creative options, I prayed that I could understand how anyone could creatively prosper, no matter who they were. 

Eventually, as my life began to rearrange itself, I finally realized that walking along this mythical path was actually the “answer to my prayers.” At first, it was impossibly difficult, as my fears and conditioning held their grip. Yet as I persisted through my struggle, I then gained insight. As I strove onwards through my confusion, I was gifted with breakthroughs.

And as both Experiencer and Observer, I began to map out this crazy, winding journey, outlining the milestones of this “pathway.” I wanted to understand this process, make sense of it all, and ultimately, share it with those who can benefit from this very hard-won wisdom.

This has been the most challenging season of my life, but I would not turn back for the world. The Pathway is an archetypal journey of the creative soul, and is the founding principle of what we are doing here in The Labyrinth: to discover the true purpose for our individual creativity.

II / Process
Natura: Creative Principles in Action

Our wisdom school is built on a foundation of teachings called Natura, a contemplative course outlining the archetypal principles of the creative process. Natura is a way of Divine Wisdom, distilled into a set of teachings that outline the creative process of life, simplified for precision, clarity, and accessibility. 

These principles are informed and inspired by the universal principles of Gaia, the cosmos, and Divine Wisdom as witnessed in the natural world; classic literature, poetry, and scripture; texts on mythology, archetypes, alchemy, psychology, mysticism, spirituality, theology, art, science, and philosophy; esoteric studies and practice of astrology, Tarot, the I Ching, Human Design, and the Gene Keys; and deep, unrelenting personal inquiry, contemplation, and experimentation.

As part of our creative process, we partner with the inherent rhythm and cycles of life, nature, and the cosmos to inform and support the unfolding of our creative Self. This process is designed to foster a new and unexpected vision, lean into the question of one’s creative vocation, and examine the nature of individual purpose.

III / Practice
The Magician: Enactment of Co-Creation

The Labyrinth provides a kind and safe harbor, creative incubation space, and open-minded mentorship as you walk your own unfolding Pathway, and encounter its inevitable turns, dips, and pitfalls. As we walk individually, we also walk together. 

Inside, we are creating a fertile environment for cultivating and receiving vision, insight, and illumination. That is, we are creating an environment for you to become The Magician, a co-creator of your life, art, and work.

The Guild, our community forum, is a gathering place for personal accountability, quietude, and creation in community. Students receive education, guidance, and support throughout their creative process, including weekly classes (called “Chapter Meetings”), our online community forum (for Q&A), access to our self-paced course, Natura, and more.

Why I Wanted To Create The Labyrinth

It’s very easy to hide what’s really happening in our lives when we are confused, suffering, or lost.

As a creative type who may not fit any traditional molds, or who feels lost, beleaguered, or has been wounded by the Culture, it’s easy to become disillusioned, lose trust, lose hope, and lose direction. 

It was very difficult for me for a long time, and I had trouble finding my way forward, and felt quite isolated throughout the process.

I sensed that it was foolhardy to do this alone: my mind was not equipped to understand all that was happening. I needed some guidance and perspective. I also needed some friends, those who would understand what I was going through, from whom I didn’t have to hide.

Eventually, I discovered a spiritual community, which helped me find my way back to the surface, after being underwater for so long. I became more grounded, more intact, and cultivated a kind of self-compassion I had never known before.

But I could not find an artistic community that offered the process-oriented, psychological, emotional, and spiritual support and connection I longed for. And I wanted to meet others who would be willing to take the same kind of risks, to step out of the boundaries, and to ask bigger questions about artistry, musicianship, and envisioning prosperity as creatives.

I also wanted to share my emerging work as a creative mentor, and better understand how this new wave of renewed purpose, birthed from a time of darkness, was meant to be offered to the world.

I want to meet those who are willing to be courageous in their vulnerability about what really happens in our lives when we seek something big and important. And I want to offer my vision, my wisdom, and my resources to those who need another way, and who will walk with me along The Pathway of discerning, knowing, and trusting our creative Self to go where they are meant to be led.

Because I believe there is a vacuum of truly honest, courageous, and service-oriented people who are willing to take those creative risks, break free from their fears (and the status quo) and make essential changes in their life (creative or otherwise). Simply because they are committed to their growth, evolution, and mastery not merely for themselves, but for the whole of our society.

This is the vision I have. It’s one I want to share with you, too. 

By joining together, we are better equipped to dissolve our mutual fears, transcend our personal and collective challenges, and begin to shape our world for the better, one step at a time.


Enter courageously. Emerge more whole.

Clarify the coming chapter. Lean into crucial challenges. Make the essential leaps.

The Labyrinth is coming this Summer 2024.
Join the wait list for launch details.

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