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What is Luminous Voice?

Luminous Voice is a groundbreaking voice training, wellness, and empowerment immersion to help you reclaim your sacred voice, soar past your fears, and access radical freedom to whole-heartedly express the purpose for your voice in 90 days.

When you struggle with your voice, or lose faith, or simply never trust what is going to come out when you open your mouth to sing, you experience constant doubt.

It can be paralyzing and painful! 

This feeling is the antithesis of what seems to be the point of making music: the joy of singing and sharing your voice with others. And there is so much pressure out there to make sure that you are going to meet some standard of sound.

It’s a heavy conflict between your heart’s desire to let your voice loose with every fiber of your being, and your mind’s rude reminders that you are NOT PERFECT, somehow missing the mark, or sound “bad.”

Or you inadvertently create some bargaining tactic to keep you safe, quiet, and hidden in the crowd, rather than deal with all of that vulnerability that comes with sharing your voice.

But now you are being called to reclaim and use your voice.

It is time to: 

  • Reconnect your voice with its divine source
  • Access and express the luminous, sacred sound that is innately part of you
  • Understand your voice at the soul level AND how it actually functions here on Planet Earth (with precise clarity but without the pressure of perfection or advanced technical requirements)
  • Break away from the tyranny of others’ perceptions and embrace your beloved, singular voice
  • Mute that internal dialogue that gets triggered when you move to your edge of something big and bold and potentially amazing.
  • Channel your Highest Self into your music-making
  • Move into action so you can express the highest purpose for your voice
IT IS TIME to transcend your doubts so you can get down to business and start using your voice – and making music – in the way that your soul intended. 

There is a way.

My visionary process and transformative program will help you leave doubt behind and rediscover the innate sacred wisdom and intelligence of your singing voice.

As a student in Luminous Voice, an immersive singing training program, you will be held in a sacred container, surrounded by a deeply supportive community.

Founded upon principles of the sacred feminine, you will be immersed in a holistic experience of voice training. 

You will…

➤ Learn and practice my signature technique of the sacred voice.

➤ Move through a process of healing and loving acceptance of your voice.

➤ Prepare and perform music that expresses your authentic, divine sound.

And you will never settle for anything less than using your voice in divine and joy-fueled service.

Deeply feel into how it would be to…

  • Experience your authentic voice, love what it can do, and adore the way it sounds.
  • Actually be excited to make a soul connection with your audience as you sing and share your gifts.
  • Watch how your voice can make magic while singing the music that makes you the most fulfilled. 
  • Have unlimited access to your breath, your body, and your sound, granting you radical vocal freedom.
  • Unlock your boundless creativity and sacred voice potential, no matter your skill level or experience.
  • Know where your voice belongs, and step into divine service with your soulful singing.

And imagine that in 90 intention-filled and power-packed days, you will shift from:

Doubting your voice (and everything that comes out of your mouth!), to always  – always – know what to do when you sing.

Suffering from confusion and anxiety in practice and performance, to holding sacred presence on any stage.

Holding yourself back from fear of how others judge your voice, to confidently offering your voice as a sacred gift in aligned and divine service.

Feeling overwhelmed about how to begin learning about your voice, to having an aligned, expertly-guided, sacred experience for your singing training.

In Luminous Voice, you will receive:


Here’s a short list of the content we’ll cover together to radically transform your voice:


Voice of the Heart

Reclaim – and reorient – your voice as you sing in sacred harmony.

IMPACT Overwrite singing confusion with crystal clear, divinely-sourced guidance and singing technique. 




Infinite Breath

Access your endlessly expansive breath without mystery or frustration.

IMPACT No longer fret about running out of breath as you embrace breath abundance.    


Emotional Alchemy

Transform your roadblocks into your wildly wise vocal gifts.

IMPACT Decommission your outdated alert system and get to the heart of your vocation. 



Sacred Sound

Trust and allow your voice to flow freely without stress or manipulation.

IMPACT Release your grip on control and wisely guide your holy instrument. 



Enlightened Energy

Open to sacred creativity, relieve overwhelm, and become unflappable.

IMPACT Organize your inner chaos and tap into your unlimited inspiration.



Voice Vision

Clarify and actualize the divine vision for your voice and enter into sacred service.

IMPACT Stop fretting about how to be ready, and actually do what you are meant to do.


“I think Allison can read people’s souls. I think Allison is at one with the universe. She is fully in harmonious tune (musical puns intended) with the energies around her. Her spirit and consciousness are operating on a whole different level than us mere mortals, but at the same time, she celebrates her humanness and lives with the knowledge that what makes us human is what makes us in touch with the Divine.”


“As a non-singer, with the intention of using my voice to connect to inner wisdom and as a tool for healing, working with Allison has been an insightful and joyful experience. She is clearly passionate about sharing the knowledge she embodies from the awakening process of her own sacred voice. In our sessions together, I have gained a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the breath as a trustable wellspring from which my voice arises, as well as the importance of getting the mind out of the way for a deeper resonance and alignment (body and pitch) to naturally occur. I’m so grateful for Allison’s technical expertise rooted in trust and heart-centeredness, which has given me tools to build a voice practice based on profound listening and inquiry, holistic embodiment and a reverence for the voice as a sacred instrument. Each exercise and prompt that Allison gives is a mini-celebration of the unfolding mystery of my unique voice. I believe Allison is shining a beautiful light on the pedagogy of the voice.”



Join in community with other soul-fueled seekers to rapidly ascend and transform your voice.

Luminous Voice Group Mastermind

Three months of live group calls every other week with Q&A and spotlight student voice coaching. 

1:1 Sacred Studio Sessions

Private 55-minute monthly coachings with Allison to address your specific, sacred vocal goals and achieve them with ease.

Luminescence, Private Facebook Group

Sacred group membership with 24/7 community support, as well as live trainings, sacred affirmations, journal prompts, and more.

Sacred Healing Rituals

Monthly healing ceremony to release blocked energies and radically transform your voice and fuel your ascension.

Sacred Community Sings

Monthly guided group singing experience led by Allison to explore sound and music in a sacred space, and integrate the principles of the sacred voice.

Beautiful Seeker…

Are you ready to move past your frustrations and enter into sacred, joyful harmony with your voice?

Are you ready to own your voice and embody the divine messenger that you ARE? 

Revel in these sacred bonuses, to enrich, empower, and radically support your new relationship with your voice, and your life.

Bonus #1


Showcase your vocal offering in a sacred and loving salon-style performance with professionally-produced recording.

Bonus #2


Monthly masterclass for singers with laser-clear coaching from Allison and unlimited access to replays.

Bonus #3


Lifetime access to Allison’s hand-picked, soulfully-curated sheet music collection gathered from her 20-year professional career.

When you decide to reclaim your voice and embody your divine instrument, you will tap into real voice magic.

You cannot manufacture that in a studio.

You simply allow it to flow into your life and your being. It’s like soul medicine, this gift of the voice.

It’s inherently yours.


Here is an overview of this sacred container to support one of your greatest gifts…

  • Live Zoom Group Mastermind Classes including Q&A and spotlight student coaching
  • Monthly Healing Rituals with a focus on the voice
  • Monthly Private Studio Sessions
  • Monthly Sacred Community Sings
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Sacred Cabaret with professional recording
  • Sacred Music Vault
  • Private Facebook group with 24/7 support
  • Lifetime Access to Digital Curriculum

You can experience the voice education of a lifetime. Your voice, and your life, will never be the same.

I was so attracted to her style of teaching and the way she talked about the voice. I had just begun teaching voice lessons when I met her, and I was longing for mentorship and a method that would resonate with me. Working with her was a deeply healing experience, and I discovered so many underlying pains and blockages in my mental approach to music that had been holding me back for a long time. I learned so much about the connection of the voice to the entire body, and learned how to pull my singing out of my head and into my breath. This knowledge has helped to guide me in my own teaching and my own singing. The Sacred Voice model for singing is the most organic and intuitive form of musicianship I’ve ever come across, and I would recommend it to all singers.”


Working with Allison over the past five years has been a tremendous growth experience for me, one that has helped me to understand the physical, mental and spiritual components to unlocking my singing and performing potential.

A big part of the journey has been about cultivating and focusing awareness, as well as quieting the self-judging inner voice that so distracts from the task at hand. Allison’s mastery of repertoire and technique have empowered me to evolve in whatever direction I choose to go. One could not ask for a more caring, attentive, and gifted vocal coach!


Allison gave me so much to think about! I feel like I’m headed down a new path with my voice. There’s a lot more work to do but I have some idea of how to approach it now. And I felt unself-conscious about singing (or less self-conscious, anyway) for the first time in a long time!”


Working with Allison has given me greater confidence in my voice and an awareness of what to do when I feel that my voice needs more support. She is so much more than just a voice coach, she brings a sense of pragmatism and calm to discussions of any ‘issues’ whether they relate to singing or other aspects of life. I have greater trust and confidence in my voice’s abilities, as well as greater awareness of its foibles and what to do when they arise. I have far more confidence and fear of sight reading has almost vanished.”


Meet your way-shower.


Allison Mondel


I am a visionary educator and voice coach whose work stands at the intersection of vocal wellness, wisdom, and empowerment. With 25+ years of professional experience as a performer, mentor, and teacher, I enable others to access their innate vocal gifts through a holistic process that enables them to reclaim the sacred connection with their voice and sound. I have helped hundreds of students access their divine voice and step beyond their doubts into joyful, sacred self-expression. 

I am also the CEO of The Sacred Voice, as well as an award-winning performer, ensemble director, and renowned scholar and teacher of early sacred music. My performances have been lauded by The Washington Post and featured on NPR and Voice of America radio. I’ve also presented performances in collaboration with Harvard University, the National Gallery of Art, Irish World Academy, Trinity College Dublin, and Washington National Cathedral, and was a featured musical guest at the nationally-televised Inaugural Prayer Service for President Obama.

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