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If you are a singer, or someone who longs to sing, you know that your voice is one of the most precious and beloved things you have. 

But when you are out of alignment with your voice, feel frustrated by your “vocal issues,” or are constantly weighed down by others’ opinions of your singing, you feel as though your voice has been held hostage from you.

You might…

Chase that perfect sound, or focus on “fixing” your voice issues.

Hide away in the wings, waiting for some opportunity to spark you into action.

Obsess about what kind of song or musical style you will sing.

Tell yourself you are not ready, not capable, or not good enough.

Constantly compare yourself to others (for better or for worse).

Underneath the hopeful actions…

or the small steps of progress…

or the stalling…

there is a longing for a deeper connection with your voice.

You know the true and free expression of your voice is such an innate aspect of your being.

But what happens when that is missing

There is a feeling of yearning, confusion, and overwhelm about how to rekindle that trusting and deep connection with your voice.

Dear One, it will not last forever. Your voice is precious and important, and worth fighting for.

I spent years struggling in a painful relationship with my voice, even while working at the top level in my field as a professional singer. Finally at my breaking point, I became so exasperated, depressed, and downtrodden that I made a divine vow to never suffer again on account of my voice or singing.

This led me to unravel the egoic web I had woven around my voice, to discover and understand the sticky traps of fear and doubt I was clinging to, as well as how to relieve and overcome the emotional pain and stress related to my singing.

Join me for this revelatory masterclass in which you will learn…

The most essential element to guide you back home to your innate voice and soul wisdom.

Why you do not need years of training, advanced skills, or a stage to get started right now on your pathway to your purpose for your voice.

Why you hold your voice back, and allow other people’s opinions to keep you hidden.

How to move from self-doubt to self-confidence when you sing and share your voice.

The number one tool to help you access your most free, confident, and sacred sound.

When you learn how to tap into the innate, sacred wisdom and capabilities of your voice, you will access your own, revelatory sacred sound.

You will not need to stress about your voice being “good enough,” or worry about how not to embarrass yourself, or whether you have permission to pursue the dreams for your voice. 

Join this free masterclass, and discover my five secrets to allowing your own, authentic, sacred sound be revered, expressed, and amplified.

“Working with Allison is wonderful. She somehow extracts the sound that you didn’t realize was inside the whole time.”


“Working with her was a deeply healing experience. And I discovered so many underlying pains and blockages in my mental approach to music that had been holding me back for a long time. I learned so much about the connection of the voice to the entire body, and learned how to pull my singing out of my head and into my breath.”


“Now, the energy I bring to vocal performance is overwhelmingly positive. The sheer joy in sharing music I love and connecting with an audience has replaced my dread of failing to meet some ill-defined set of musical standards I imposed upon myself.”


Hello, I’m
Allison Mondel.


I am a visionary educator and voice coach whose work stands at the intersection of vocal wellness, spiritual wisdom, and personal empowerment. With 25+ years of professional experience as a performer, mentor, and teacher, I enable others to access their innate vocal gifts through a holistic process that enables them to reclaim the sacred connection with their voice and sound. I have helped hundreds of students access their divine voice and step beyond their doubts into joyful, sacred self-expression. 

I am also the CEO of The Sacred Voice, as well as an award-winning performer, ensemble director, and renowned scholar and teacher of early sacred music. My performances have been lauded by The Washington Post and featured on NPR and Voice of America radio. I’ve also worked in collaboration with Harvard University, the National Gallery of Art, Irish World Academy, Trinity College Dublin, and Washington National Cathedral, and was a featured musical guest at the nationally-televised Inaugural Prayer Service for President Obama.

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