Viriditas Personal Coaching 

Inspired by medieval mysticism, this is my signature 1:1 personal coaching work for everyday mystics who…

+ Want to cultivate sacred creativity in life, art, and work.

+ Want to allow their personal genius to permeate their life and livelihood.

+ Want to wake up and honor their life and Creator by living into their sacred purpose.

I guide seekers through my signature process to align your personal creative cycles to those inherent of nature and the Earth, tap into your creative wellspring, and be nourished by a sacred life that you choose.

It’s a mystical model borne out in the real world, designed to support you through defining your gifts, redefining your unabashed creative vision, deconstructing crusty paradigms that hold you back, and walking the walk as you manifest your creative desires in real life.

This is 13-week coaching cycle of creative manifestation.

Schedule a discovery call to initiate.

Visionary Voice Coaching  

I teach singers who want to use their voice for their higher purpose.

Together, we can crack you out of the old-school, stifling molds of practice and performance, define a deeply empowered pathway forward with music, and create an aligned, original outlet for you, your voice, and your vision.

Learn my tested, integrated, holistic process that puts sacred creativity (not production) at the forefront of music-making, and integrates mind, body, spirit, and voice in a harmonious, embodied, and self-honoring practice.

This is either a monthly package or half-day immersion.

Schedule a discovery call to get started.

The Guild

Join this new, online community of everyday mystics who choose to cultivate viriditas, or sacred aliveness, in their life, art, and work.

Following an annual cycle and my signature coaching process, this membership container supports you in realizing wholeness and fulfillment in your creative endeavors and personal practices.

Learn the principles of sacred creativity and intention setting, and cultivate the Elements of Creative Growth and personal wellness into your daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms.

The Guild includes weekly coaching calls, creative work hours, access to the Viriditas digital course and content, the Viriditas sacred creativity journal, and so much more.

This is an affordable monthly membership. The first season begins January 2023.

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