The Hidden Pathway

A guided journey for Artist-Creatives seeking fulfillment, belonging, and purpose in their work.

The Hidden Pathway is a mentorship program for brilliant (but confounded) creatives to discern and fulfill the unique expression of their personal genius.

It is designed for the creative rebels, visionaries, and quiet heroes summoned by an inner call to serve a greater purpose using their creative power, a desire to serve the greater whole, and the will to cultivate prosperity through their very own uniqueness.

The Hidden Pathway is for those who want to make something better in their lives.

Something important.

It is for you if you want to forge a path of the heart; to integrate your unique blend of talents, vision, and experience; and live into a truly unique creative vocation that is only defined by you.

I know that you are passionate. I know you hold a multitude. And I know you have a desire to realize your fullest creative expression. 

But I also know is that there is simply no job description, platform, or pre-existing structure out there with your name on it. (Yet.)

There is no cookie-cutter solution or formula for you and what lights you up. There seems to be no easy answer to your most burning questions about how to show up, where you belong, and how you can truly live into your vocation as an artist.

Oh, my friend, I feel you. (It is so hard.) And I’m sure you have tried to make different things work. But that same nagging sense keeps following you around: what am I doing wrong? Why is this so hard? Will I ever truly know success?

You may feel that you are sidelined to the fringes, or reached a low ceiling, or down in the basement. Maybe you feel lost in the shallow rush of the social media shuffle, or the hustle of gig culture, or swallowed up by the demands and expectations of a culture that does not support or recognize you. 

But this does not mean that all is lost.
Or that your work is not meant to be shared.
Or that you will be eclipsed by someone else.

It means you need to see things from a different perspective. Because if there is anything I heave learned in my life, asking every big question I have asked, it is this:

Every voice has a place. Including yours.

Rather than squeeze yourself into a mold that hasn’t been working, or sacrificing your massive potential, or compromising for someone else’s needs, I might suggest something else.

It’s not easy. (Haha, #understatement.) But it IS grounded in integrity.

You can learn to see that your pathway–both its gifts and challenges–is unique for a reason. Not so you can feel like an outsider, but to discover where you actually belong.

Where your life, art, and work weave together in a way that taps into the mystery of human potential, and defines the way in which you romance your own life, out in the world.

I designed The Hidden Pathway to help guide you into a clarified personal vision, harness your wildly abundant creative potential, and realize a newly aligned reality of purpose, presence, and service, reflected in your everyday experience.

This reality will not resemble anything else, because it is simply yours alone to realize. This is the creative process at work in your own life.

This is a hero’s quest that seeks their own creative potential, and, by Jove, exercises those gifts in their life.

I want you to be empowered to foster your personal evolution, experience a creative rebirth, and realize that joyful expression of purpose and prosperity in the world that is designed just for you.

This is a new kind of fulfillment. It breaks molds. It makes us feel alive. It’s scary. But it’s the most real experience of life that I can describe for you.

This is The Hidden Pathway.

It is the way of the hero, the way of the Higher Self, the way led by the heart that seeks to valiantly express itself in a new form in a perfect expression of, well, you.

It’s creative individuation by divine illumination.

The Hidden Pathway offers a template for life, art, and work in which the mystical meets the practical. In whichif you are brave and willing enoughyou can discern the singular way of your Creative Self in the world.

It illuminates your access to the well of infinite creative potential, and realize a sustainable process going forward. 

These are simple but profound teachings to partner with creative consciousness.

Your pathway will shift, expand, and morph as Life flows, and according to our own unique destiny.

The Hidden Pathway is a template and a process for your:


The impetus and galvanizing force of your personal vision.


Your expression of your genius in the world.


The vehicle of your creative expression.

Ready to take your first step on The Hidden Pathway?

Schedule a call to find out more and to learn how to work together.

Come to the edge of what once seemed impossible, but is now utterly essential.

Who are you, my friend?

Perhaps you are a creative rebel living in a world of prescribed roles, definitions, outlets, and forms that just. don’t. fit.

Or maybe…

You haven’t felt at home in your self-expression or the roles defined for you.

You’ve had others tell you that you can’t. You shouldn’t. You’ll never be. (And you listened for a time.)

There’s no clear pathway according to the rules already written. And you don’t know how to rewrite the rules.

You know there’s something more, but can’t see through your current situation.

You doubt yourself for being “different,” unable to fit into current structures.

Other people’s choices, pathways, and templates just don’t seem work for you. And that’s hard.

You know there is something burning within you that is wildly longing to be expressed. 

Compromise is really getting you down.

But you don’t know the way forward, or how to realize the outlet that will support the unfolding of your genius… yet.

You will know the way when you become empowered by partnering with the Divine, understand the nature of creative consciousness, and recognize that a sustainable future and creative fulfillment is not defined by the outside. It’s an inside job.

But it’s a process.

Maybe you struggle with…

Unfinished Symphonies.

Those projects, those ideas, those potential somethings that just cannot wrap themselves up. Maybe there’s not enough time. Maybe you don’t feel you can. Maybe there’s no place for you? Maybe what’s the point? Maybe you don’t feel safe. You may be feeling confused about how to follow through, diminished in spirit, and experiencing that lack of fulfillment. You are so intensely creative, with so many amazing ideas (!), but no real concrete ideas in which to share them.

Not belonging.

Your desires for your creative and artistic life do not fit neatly into any prescribed category or system. (Haha, thank goodness for that, but I know it is The Worst). That can can make you feel isolated AND boxed in. Maybe (like me), it makes you feel like you are no good enough to be part of the crowd, and “unaccepted” in the mainstream culture. It can seem like nothing you try is really working. So you feel sidelined, waiting for the next clue, the next opportunity, the next knock on your door.

Analysis Paralysis. Imposter Syndrome. Freak Outs.

You may tend to get stuck in the painful parts of the process of becoming yourself. (This is normal, ok?) There is a looming self-doubt which leads to overthinking, freezing up, flying in a holding pattern, procrastination, suppression of your voice, comparison with others, withholding your ideas, and staying hidden. The mind can play some very serious tricks on us when we are looping worrisome thoughts and stuck in our anxious fretting.

For some, choosing to pursue your Creative Self is non-negotiable. Until you meet your shadows. It’s here that we encounter our perceived limitations and fears.

It’s also here in the shadows that we make a choice: to get caught up in the trap of the mind? Or to proceed along the corridor of the heart.

Because the mind will contest your progress and your trail-blazing. It will offer these arguments on behalf of your fear.

1 /

It will remind you of what is only “realistically” possible (based on external assumptions) based on or limited by your age, skill, talent, intelligence, looks, financial resources, etc. Best to stand back.

2 /

Or that you must figure out a way to squeeze yourself into the pre-defined creative outlets and platforms that already exist. Best to compromise and make it work.

3 /

Or that you do not enough time, space, or energy to dive deep into your greatest potential in the comings and goings of life. It’s ok for now. Best to keep busy.

4 /

Or maybe keep you overthinking and procrastinating on making real change, because is has no idea of what your Zone of Genius  actually looks and feels like. Best to wait and see.

5 /

Or that you cannot have success without becoming employable, and that creative pursuits will never really be financially successful unless you become a superstar. Which seems frivolous and wasteful, and you will probably fail anyway. Best to stay safe and secure.

6 /

And lastly, it could be that you will never be high-achieving, or skilled, or talented enough, or a real “pro”, who can make your mark and leave a legacy. How will you actually became well-known enough to be validated, recognized, and successful? Best to avoid the whole situation. 

My friend, the frustration with your external circumstances not meeting your unique set of personal strengths and talents is not a plague, a curse, or a problem to be solved. 

It is an invitation to develop the most beautiful, aligned, and harmonious blueprint for the true expression of your gifts (i.e. your personal genius) in service to the greater world.

I have discovered that the path forward relies on:

❍ Fostering trust in yourself and the Divine  overseeing the unfolding of your vision.

❍ Following (and trusting) the universal landmarks of the creative process.

❍ Diminishing societal conditioning and the constant worries of the wounded mind.

❍ Realizing new creative potentials of what is possible for you. (And I know you don’t know yet.)

❍ The steadfast belief that you shall inherit a beautiful, purposeful, and sacred life (even if that doesn’t guarantee fame, fortune, and no more bad days.)

Because your personal genius is the value you bring to the world, in which you meld service and personal fulfillment, and realize the living expression of your deep gladness, prosperity, and true belonging.

The Hidden Pathway offers a sustainable template, individualized for creatives to learn the practical alchemy of the creative process, and realize your personal vision of life, art, and work.

But it requires a shift from your head to your heart, and a transcendence of the cultural paradigms that got you into the current pickle you now reside in. (Ahem, I speak from experience.)

Some of the primary principles we foster on The Hidden Pathway are:

Evolved principles of success aligned with your integrity and purpose.

Self-trust and self-belief in your strengths, gifts, and potentials.

Integration of your personal story with your creative offering.

Heart-centered devotion to the Divine, and service the greater whole.

Fostering your personal genius outside of any competition.

A personal revolution of deep gladness and sustainable prosperity.

Allison Mondel’s teaching is like nothing else out there. Old-school classical training focuses on “technique” – which makes us obsess over what we perceive as tiny imperfections in our voices. Allison has worked through all that as a singer herself and broken through to a level of mastery that focuses on what music actually IS – an expression of the totally unique individual soul. She is loving and gentle, and teaches with generosity, humor and deep empathy because she has been there! Her teachings center on the deep knowing that every sound that comes directly from our heart is beautiful and as I’ve worked through her classes I have experienced what I was longing for – singing as pure joy! Allison has brought her brilliant insights and gifts as a teacher out into the world at a moment when so many of us who have struggled and want to love how we sound can can benefit. My work with her has been balm to my soul and transformative for my voice, teaching, and directing.
Erin Durrett

Allison, I loved working with you because you made deliberate the impact partnering with the spiritual realm as close Companion could have on my work. That you are an expert a particular category and genre of music demonstrates this and makes you appealing as a coach.

I felt inspired to own my uniqueness and trust my intuition as a gift of guidance. Since working with you, I see myself and my work more powerfully and purposeful to myself and who I serve.

As I prepare a performance or lessons for teaching, I’m seeing how I can create impactful, satisfying experiences. You are a beautiful artist and teacher and have helped me see how I also can bring my own uniqueness and strength to what I create – co-create with Spirit.

Sharon Hamel

I truly believe that even the most accomplished musicians have emotional blind spots on issues that could be holding us back. Every once in a while, we should put our scales and arpeggios aside and check in with how we’re doing emotionally.

Allison takes the entire person into account when teaching. She knows there’s more to vocal performance than the mechanics. It’s about comfort, intention, and releasing the emotional baggage that holds us back. That said, she also knows the mechanics inside and out.

You could not find a more nurturing teacher! Allison is a master: her knowledge of repertoire and performance practices is revelatory, and she approaches all music from the heart.

Music is meant to be shared, and Allison’s tutelage will convince your inner self that you belong.


The sheer joy in sharing music I love and connecting with an audience has replaced my dread of failing to meet some ill-defined set of musical standards I imposed upon myself.


Set up your introductory call. And let’s talk about where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to be.

(Or where you don’t want to be!)

Hello, my friend. My name is Allison.

I’m a curious musician who started asking really big questions about things that mattered the most to me.

I wanted to redefine the way in which my own voice was making an impact in the world. Not just so I could be accepted, or employable, or validated as a viable professional. 

I wanted to know how I could serve the Divine, better the world, and live a prosperous life doing what I really enjoy, and what I am really good at. (I told you I ask really big questions!)

And I wanted to help my students, colleagues, and total strangers redefine the modes, structures, and outlets for their voice, both figuratively and literally.


Because I grew weary of witnessing wildly talented, brilliant, and capable people be mired in discontent, confusion, and struggle. These artist-creatives (both professionals and non-professionals!) who had no idea how they could truly be fulfilled doing what they love, nor how to share their gifts with others in the current environment without being lost in the undertow of competition, comparison, and swagger.

How can this “reality,” that all of these musicians, composers, artists, writers, actors, poets, these inherently gifted and creative people, have no place that truly draws forth and amplifies their genius? Unless that genius happens to fit a certain type, style, or set of skills currently in demand in the marketplace.

And how could I relegate my own unique genius behind closed doors, avoid pursuing my own dreams, and wait for someone else to tell me that I was acceptable, capable, and appropriate? Because I already tried that. Welcome to my music career: it was utter misery.

So I got scrappy. Why on earth should we be settling for this?? I personally had compromised for too long. Life is too precious to spend worrying any longer about whether or not other people will accept my voice.

I asked a sacred question: how can we define the outlet of our unique creative genius, no matter who we are, what we sound like, look like, or think like?

How can we each follow our unique pathway of the heart, and be prosperous?

The response I received was… unexpected.

It was what I know was divinely inspired. One morning I awoke and began to write, and an entire framework coalesced before me onto the paper.

It was literally a map of the creative process. (Not kidding.) 

It took the better part of a year to more fully flesh out the concepts, and I am going to be a student of this process for the rest of my life. But what I understood at a deep level, and that is one of the most challenging things for us to fully grasp, is that we create our own life. And we can most certainly create the outlet and the vehicle through which our greatest fulfillment is channeled. 

And now I help brilliant, bold, and unconventional artists and creatives like you to liberate your voice, and innovate your vocation by aligning your purpose with the creative process.

Because what is more creative that creating your very own life?

But it requires something we are not used to. It requires that we set aside what we see in the world as the Only Thing Possible. You could call it a leap of faith, but it’s more like seeing behind the curtain. You can blame late-stage capitalism, or the patriarchy, or whatever, for the ways in which our arts culture has become identified with market viability, especially in the United States. 

But here’s the really important part…

You begin to see that your fulfillment is not defined by your creative outlets (or lack thereof). But rather, your creative outlets are defined by your inner fulfillment.

This is why I designed The Pathway. To help you reclaim the worthiness of the heart’s desire for your life, art, and work. To make that accessible, to give you foundational support, and to show you that anything is possible with the Divine.

As long as you are willing to honor and stand in your creative integrity, and make the choice to thrive, and the commitment to see it through.

So what is The Hidden Pathway exactly?

It’s a mentorship program for creatives which includes private coaching and personal support, a curriculum of the creative process, and a process of creative visioning and discernment of your personal vision for your life, art, and work.  

This program helps you to…

❍ Clarify and crystallize your vision.

❍ Use the creative process to tap into unlimited solutions for your unique situation.

❍ Grow trust in yourself, in life, and in the larger Divine plan.

❍ Be guided and supported to stretch yourself and grow outside of the box.

❍ Pinpoint the places to heal in order to support both your inner and outer expansion.

❍ Foster a receptivity to encourage breakthroughs, insights, and crucial personal truths.

❍ Harness the creative potential so you can see your desired vision come to fruition.

Foster a healthy and sustained connection with your intuition as your primary creative partner.

Develop lifelong habits in your creative life that support and nourish your mind, body, and spirit, as well as foster vibrant fecundity in your creative process.

Be guided through the most challenging hurdles of the creative process when your mind, and its fear-based patterns, grip the strongest.

I want you to experience a renewal of purpose and enthusiasm for your work, creative life, and relationships as you move into the flow of life and chart a new course for your work.

What can you expect inside?

The Hidden Pathway is a program and course to learn the process of conscious creation for sacred living.

Here is the thing: creativity is a skill. You will learn how to harness the alchemical power of creative consciousness, and apply this simple approach in the areas of life that are the most vital to you. 

Here is what is included in your package:

Your Coaching

Private sessions with creativity teacher, coach, and mentor Allison Mondel

Walk the pathway of the Creative Self with nurturing yet clear-cut guidance, self-honoring care, and bold steps forward as you learn how to tap into your next-level creativity, clarify your vision, and witness the desires for your life, art, and work manifest into your experience.

Your Curriculum

Lifetime access to the Archetypal Creativity online course, including all core lessons and templates, The Practices, The Skills, and so much more.

Your Personal Support

Ongoing voice text and email support throughout your season of growth and vision.

Plus these bonuses to support your season of growth…

Your Community

Annual membership to The Guild, a private membership community to support the ongoing evolution of your visionary life, art, and work.

Your Project Journal

Access to the digital copy of The Journal, a customized creative tool to help you clarify your vision for any project, and craft its future.

6-week, 3-month, and 6-month packages are available.
Packages begin at $1,500.

We are not excluded from the greater laws of life that govern evolution. We may have forgotten, though.

Your evolution personal evolution is truly a creative partnership with your Higher Self, and the Divine. This is how we grow into our potential, and how we offer our contribution. 

Allison’s guidance has strengthened my self-confidence and my own sense of self worth. I no longer feel like I need someone’s permission to sing. By learning to accept my voice, I am learning to accept myself.

My self, like my voice, has its areas for improvement. But at the same time, it has something to offer and it is inherently worthy.


I have grown in every way as a singer with Allison.


Allison is very good at getting to the heart of the matter and bringing that up into the light.

There’s a line we keep coming back to… “O priestess what you cry is clear, and sound good sense I think it” when she has come up with something so insightful that it’s now hard to imagine not knowing it, even though it wasn’t at all clear before. 


When I first heard Allison sing, I was in awe of her beautiful voice. Then I took her workshop on Hildegard von Bingen, and I was in awe of her scholarship. When I started taking singing lessons from her I experienced what a wonderful teacher she is as well!

Her approach is very personal and intuitive. She listens and then makes suggestions based on her knowledge and intuition. She has loads of patience and a depth of vocabulary.

I have known Allison for many years and she continues to inspire and delight me!

Her heart centeredness, wisdom and generosity are evident in everything she does. One of my latest adventures with her was to take her course in the Sacred Voice School. It was enlightening and uplifting and I learned some very practical tips that have transformed my singing. I love her and I know you will too!

I advise you to sign up for any of her courses and her weekly emails. It’s true self-care!

Cherie Liesersohn

Brave hero, I hope you will allow yourself to flourish in your creative calling, in whatever that may be for you.

The pathway of the Creative Self is not easy, but I do believe that you can…

❍ Realize your personal greatness and your version of success are inherently yours to cultivate, and ultimately serve the greater good.

❍ Trust yourself, your ideas, and your unique pathway as truly worthy, capable, and in partnership with the Divine.

❍ Be energized and enthusiastic to romance your creative projects and great spiritual endeavors.

❍ Cultivate the sacred garden of your most beautiful vision for your life, art, and work.

❍ Aspire for the zenith of your capabilities as you recognize the creative, intellectual, and spiritual contribution that is uniquely yours to offer.

❍ Never compromise for external limitations and expectations.

❍ Cultivate the unique and authentic expression of your genius, your vision, and your desire to serve the world.

The Hidden Pathway is a metaphor for our creative individuation, as we merge our potential with our inner divine.

If you are reading this (and whether or not we ever meet or work together!), this individuation process can also be a personal prescription for sacred living.

As a Creative with a calling, you have a unique story to tell. And you have creative superpowers.

And yet, creativity is a skill that has both simple, as well as complex applications.

When your purpose is meshed with your creativityand you let the Divine take the leadyou will ultimately uncover the harmony, prosperity, and integrity of the mind and heart.

A personal message from me…

For creative rebels like us, allowing a fuller expression of our talents, gifts, and genius life is not a privilege, it is a necessity. It’s our life’s work.

Yet, when it comes to sharing your work, there are zero guarantees of how it will affect the world, and those around you.

I believe that the greatest challenges for every Creative is Not Knowing:

How it’s going to happen.
What it will look like.
How it will be received.

But when it comes to originating that work, and bringing a vision from nothing into something, there actually is a template.

There is a way. It’s not my way; it’s the way of creation, evident in all that is around us. It resides in every breath we take. In every seed, and in every tree. In every artwork, and in every life. 

This process is universal. It is genuinely simple. It is beautiful, supportive, and kind.

I call it Archetypal Creativity, but it’s really about understanding and embodying the innate processes that govern life. And that includes your life, as well as what you create therein. This creative template can be applied to any project, endeavor, or goal, raising your consciousness of the creative process as it applies to those aspects of your life, art, and work that you seek to transform.

In this framework, you learn to align your own creative process with the inherent cycles and structures of nature, the evolutionary will of the cosmos, and the currents of creative consciousness. It is a process guided by the heart, tuned into the Higher Self, and leading to the embodiment of your goals and dreams in your own life. 

The template is simple. The Work is complex.

That is why I designed The Pathway to help us transform our attitude, as well as restructure our approach, so that we are newly opened and available to the creative potential that calls our very Self home.

Our dreams and ideas? We have them for a reason. The heart is a very crucial compass, and truly defines your most brilliant and life-affirming path, as well as the most authentic construction of your creative outlet, medium, audience, and impact.

(If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!)

But the collective shadow reminds us that pursuing the pathway of the heart ain’t for everyone. You have to be truly committed to yourself, or at the very least, to the longing that drives you, with its whisper of promise: Something is waiting for you, but you have to go and meet it.

The Pathway is one in which you forge for yourself. No one else can tell you what it looks like, what it should be, or how it’s going to work out. That is your very own creative process. The only risk is the sacrifice of your own stubborn fear and the deconstruction of your limitations.

The hardest part is getting out of your own way. Of surpassing the wounded mind that says: this should be harder. Or you are not ready. Or this has no value.

The other side of the fears we harbor is a personal and creative prosperity that is your birthright. This is only a stopping place, remember?

If you are ready to meet yourself, you have already taken the first step on the pathway of the heart. 

Lean in, and learn more about your most prosperous vision of your creative life.

Do not hesitate for one moment to send me a message, or set up a call. Creating an awesome creative life is serious business, and I want to support you, even if that means you just want to explore your options. I get that. 

So ask yourself: are you a little thrilled? Then ask: what’s my response? I honor your choice, no matter what.


This is the part where it’s up to you.

These tools are available for you to really go out and do this thing that is most important.

The Hidden Pathway is not just a program, it’s an invitation to say YES to your ideas, and create a truly beautiful and inspired version of your life, your art, and your work.

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