What is your Divine Vocal Pathway?

Take this 2-minute quiz to find out the next step on your sacred voice journey.


I know that you are hungry for freedom, confidence, and ease in your singing. I also know you want to sound your best and feel your best when you sing.

But the pathway towards vocal freedom and empowerment can seem fraught, confusing, and just plain overwhelming.

So where do you begin?

Do you just try to whip yourself into vocal shape, push past your emotions, and get on with this singing business?

Let's take a gentler approach.

FIRST: I want you to take a moment and recognize the value of your voice journey up until this moment.

SECOND: I want you to let go of where you think you *should* be right now, and instead radically accept where you are.

The journey of the sacred voice is not about fixing your vocal problems, or pushing past your roadblocks, or trying to land the best gig you can.

The journey is about expressing the highest purpose for your voice.

Beneath the surface of our sound is the source of what makes our voice truly unique: our heart-centered, divine self-expression.

I call this the "sacred voice," and it dwells within each of us. This inner voice is wise, capable and inherently worthy, no matter your skill level, style, or aptitude.

Enjoy the quiz to divine where you are on the sacred voice journey, and find out how to move ahead towards expressing the divine purpose for your voice. 

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