Ride the ups and downs 🌊

— March 9, 2022 —

W R I T T E N  B Y  Allison Mondel

Like good days and bad days, we understand that life always changes, just like the weather. 🌦

Weather is a state of external conditions that you cannot control. Rather, you adapt. ☔️

But no matter what is happening outdoors, you are still the same person, right?

It’s the same with the voice. Good days. Bad days. Great Days. Weird Days. I call this the “voice weather.” 

Your voice is going to respond to your physical weather, energetic weather, emotional weather, mental weather, the actual weather… You get the idea.

But too often, we fall prey to the notion that we are supposed to have Good Days ad infinitum. No Bad Days Allowed. ⚠️

No problems, no issues, no distractions, no illness, no allergies, no phlegm, no hormones, no sore throat, no fatigue, no chinks in our armor that would compromise our full operational capacity and reliability. 

My friend, let’s consider the weather. It always changes. You are a human being who is always in a state of sacred flux. It is part of our nature. Like any kind of wave, there is an up and a down. But it’s a complete cycle. ⭕️

There is one thing, however, that I suggest for riding the ups and downs of voice weather (or any kind of weather, really).

Be anchored. Then adapt.


There is only one place within our being that will never be subject to the weather. It’s not your mind (sheesh), not your body, not your energy, not your emotions. It’s the essence of your being: your spirit. 💗

I cannot offer you any voice teaching that is more valuable than this: your voice is a sacred outlet of your spirit.

If and when you can hitch your wagon to this truth, you will know how to be anchored in your own solid self as you sing and use your voice. You will be able to weather any storm, Bad Day, wrong note, rough patch, or botched job. ⛈

You know your own strength. You know your truth. You have the courage and perseverance to move through any storm. And no matter WHAT state you may find yourself, you are still emanating sacred sound. 🌈

The weather will be what it will be. It’s part of nature.

Be anchored in your spirit as you use your voice. (But still bring an umbrella. 🌂)




About Allison Mondel
Transformational Voice Coach, Singer, Teaching Artist, Director, Mentor, Speaker

I am a visionary artist, educator, and voice coach whose work stands at the intersection of vocal wellness, spiritual wisdom, and personal empowerment. With 25+ years of professional experience as a performer, teacher, and mentor, I empower others to access their innate vocal gifts through a holistic process, and ascend into their personal greatness. I have helped hundreds of students access their voice and step beyond their doubts into joyful, courageous, and purposeful self-expression. 

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