Guidance forward on the journey of the Creative Self.

I help Artist-Creatives not just dream about a better future, but truly, actually manifest a reality in which they are doing that thing they are *plopped* on the planet to do.

That is, to allow your creative impulse to be realized through the vehicle that is uniquely yours, not only for your personal benefit, but for the benefit of all.

This often means helping people see beyond the limiting options, norms, and structures they encounter in life, and realize a modified version of their current reality. This is a version of their life, art, and work that bends to meet them wherever they are, in whatever they do, and however they are meant to serve at a higher level.

I help my clients innovate this pathway through learning and applying archetypal principles of the creative process in conjunction with simple healing practices, connecting with their intuition, and plain old common sense. I acknowledge each person in their radical wholeness, and welcome them in their present stage of life. 

Here is one way to get started working together.

1:1 Re-Focus Coaching Session

For the creative who needs to shake it up.

This is an individualized coaching session for artists and creatives who seek a fresh perspective and guidance forward on their journey of the Creative Self.

Refocus sessions are especially geared for folks who are struggling with the next steps on a project, in their work, or with their voice; are unsure how to trust themselves; or have doubts about how to immediately proceed.

Inside your session we will clarify your main creative struggle, help you progress on a particular project, and address any blocks to move through. This session help you re-focus and re-calibrate your creative energies to move through your process with greater trust, integrity, and determination.

You will receive a recording of your session, as well as working materials to help you discern your next immediate steps forward.

60-minute Refocus Session:

Working with Allison is wonderful… she somehow extracts the sound that you didn’t realize was inside the whole time.

She cares deeply about helping each student find their own path to a healthier relationship to their voice.

I am 1000% more comfortable with the sound of my own voice.”


Working with Allison has given me greater confidence in my voice and an awareness of what to do when I feel that my voice needs more support. She is so much more than just a voice coach, she brings a sense of pragmatism and calm to discussions of any “issues” whether they relate to singing or other aspects of life.

I trust in my ability to take on new challenges and greater belief in my musical ability and in the capabilities of my voice.”


“Working with her was a deeply healing experience. And I discovered so many underlying pains and blockages in my mental approach to music that had been holding me back for a long time.”


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