Keynote Speaker: Conscious Career

As a thought leader and empowerment speaker, I inspire and guide professional musicians, early-career artists, and students to define and cultivate conscious careers in music and the arts.

My teaching centers on empowerment of the individual artist, and their inherent capacity to create their unique, personally-aligned pathway in their professional career and creative endeavors.

In response to the the heightened external pressures of technical proficiency, external validation, and competitive work environments, my work cultivates emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being for students and professional artists, notably in the field of music.

Although a common belief that permeates our schools and culture at large, musicians are no longer relegated to only a few, limited options in the field.

Through conscious seeking, they have the capacity to synthesize their personal genius with an aligned, robust, and positively-contributing career outlet that benefits all.

Offering keynote speaking appearances and workshops.


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