How to believe in your ideas

How to believe in your ideas

I know you may not talk about it, but I know you have A Thing that’s been on your mind for a while.

That quiet vision, that unspoken desire, that shimmering dream, that kernel of an idea, that sticky feeling that you really, truly, wholly want something.

Maybe it’s a vision of you and your voice, or a project, or your career, or being on stage, or your life, or your art, or maybe even your purpose?

(Oh God, I have it, too! For, like, EVERYTHING.)

And you think: I want my Thing to happen. I want it NOW.

Alas, for the waiting. For the suffering over the waiting. For the hand-wringing. For the doubt. For the lacking and scarcity. For the maybe-this-is-ridiculous-ness of it all.

For that feeling of being so very far away from the fulfillment of your very dear and precious desire.

First of all, I want to honor your vision. Ideas sourced from your true and highest self are righteous. They are sticking to you because you called them into being, and they are waiting to be moved into form right here in your actual life.

So now what? How do you manage it all? How do you get the Thing you want when you are feeling the way you feel?

Because we are not taught:
how to trust ourselves
how spirit is benevolently generous
how to let go
how to be patient
how to be open
how to allow
how to receive
how to respond
how to trust the unfolding of life
how to create our life.

Lemme tell you: I didn’t learn either. I didn’t trust myself, my thoughts, my ideas, or anyone else (let alone “Spirit”) past the end of my nose!

Until the flood of miracles in my life were basically melting away each and every fear I was clinging to. (And still am.)

Including those fears that were bubble-wrapped around my biggest, most precious dreams and desires. And the illusions that clouded the way of my truer purpose and capacity as an artist, teacher, and person.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I know that a truly difficult aspect of allowing your vision to manifest in your life is that you Don’t Know How.

And because you don’t know how (colored by the fact that you were taught that what you actually want is not really possible anyway?), you are in a state of doubt and mistrust mixed with longing and, most likely, low-grade continual existential suffering.

So stop doing that. Here is how to start.

Begin to accept — and learn to be comfortable with — being in a state of I-don’t-know-ness.

I-don’t-know-ness allows your mind to let go of its vice grip on whether or not your idea is a) worthy and b) executable.

I-don’t-know-ness allows your ego to a) soften and b) be penetrable.

I-don’t-know-ness allows your Self to a) relax and b) allow possibility to mix with curiosity, openness, and fresh insights as to how in the world to get this Thing going already and what it will look like.

It’s called the sacred creative process. I have discovered that one of the most vital ingredients is learning to co-exist and be ok with Not Knowing.

I-don’t-know-ness: it’s part of the process.

Then watch what magic unfolds when you let go of needing to know all the damn time, step into self-trust, and allow the sacred whoosh! of life to lead you into miracles.

Your vision becomes reality.

Prompts for Voice Wisdom

Take a moment to breathe, center awareness within the heart space, and enter into a state of stillness.  Allow these questions to guide your higher mind into clarity.

What do you believe that is holding you back around your voice?

What experiences have shaped you?

What is your headspace about your voice?

What is your spirit longing to bring forward?

What is the higher truth that you are meant to know?

A Prayer for Your Voice

Dear God,
Thank you for my voice.
Thank you for all that I am, all that I have learned, and all that I have been.
Guide me now into true wisdom, and the purpose and place for my voice.
Illuminate the inner places where I have grown small.
Grant me courage to break through the false ceiling of limitation, so that I may rise into the fullest potential of my voice.
Give me strength to look inwardly, so that I may know and understand the lessons of my experience. 
Grant me wisdom to know that my experience is the key to my healing, my purpose, and my ultimate joy.
May I raise my voice without censor, without shame, and without hesitation.
May I join my voice with the heavenly chorus who praise You in sacred harmony.
May my voice be blessed, may it be loved, may it be shared in safety.
Thank you, dear God, for my voice. 
And so it is. Amen.



ps: My weekly newsletter is a day late because of 1) a sick little one with a late night wake-up (😵‍💫) and 2) we bought a new house yesterday (🤪)! Just wanted to share because I love you and missed you. (💗)

pps: It’s the new moon in Leo today (🦁), so if you have a special creative desire, TODAY is the day to plant your seeds of intention for seeing that gorgeous thing germinate into reality (🌱), fertilized by sacred celestial fire (❤️‍🔥)!


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