The pursuit of greatness

— April 20, 2022 —

What does the term greatness bring up for you?

I believe we all strive to realize our best, and seek our own, personal version of greatness in our lives. 

But somehow, when it comes to music, art, the voice, and personal expression, we tend to relegate “greatness” to those with über-talent, mad skills, shining stage presence, and iron-clad discipline.

Dear One, greatness is not relegated to a scant and lucky few. That would be a mistake to assume, and indeed, a disservice to your own innate potential as a creative human being.

Because the form and function of your awesomeness resembles only that which you can offer. That is a blessing.

The sooner you remove yourself from Society’s Spectrum of Spectacular, the sooner you will realize your outlet to shine within your own life.

When you activate your desire to rise into your personal greatness, the form of your creations will be revealed. And the rest of the work is to respond to the fulfillment of your awesome deeds.

You only have one voice, one mind, one body, one spirit in this lifetime on planet Earth.

How will you activate your greatness today?

Guided Prompts for Clarity

Take a moment to breathe, center awareness within the heart space, and enter into a state of stillness.  Allow these questions to guide your higher mind into clarity.

What does personal greatness stir up for you?

Do you believe that you are worthy of your own greatness?

How have you pursued your personal greatness in the past? What were your successes? Your missteps?

How are you being guided in the present to pursue your own greatness?

What is the one thing you can do today to help fulfill your desire to be great?


Affirmation for Greatness

I am worthy of my own greatness. 

I am deserving of a life that is fulfilled with the satisfaction, pleasure, and deepest recognition of my own worth, and the value of my works. 

I see my past efforts and acknowledge their sacred worth. My experiences are powerful, and help me understand both the true value of my contribution, and the lessons I am meant to undertake at this time.

I learn as I rise, and understand that I am strong, capable, and worthy of that which I desire for my life, my art, my voice, and my spirit. 

I am clear and calm as I allow the beautiful vision for my life, and the contribution of my voice, to unfold in perfect timing, and with sacred purpose. 

I trust myself. I trust my voice. I trust my spirit. 

I now activate the most beautiful vision for my voice, and pray for its fulfillment in my life. 

May this vision be blessed, and may my personal greatness be manifested and brought into the world for my highest good, and the good of all.

And so it is. Amen.




Allison Mondel
Allison Mondel is a musician, philosopher, advocate, and mentor. Her greatest delight is to understand how things work, and share her hard-won wisdom with others. She writes about the higher nature of music and the voice, alchemizing personal roadblocks, and the pursuit of one's creative vocation.

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