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If you would like some immediate, laser-clear guidance and support with your voice or repertoire, please schedule your one-hour session with me below.

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I had my Peabody audition a few weeks ago, and it was the best audition I’ve ever had. Not thinking about it in a performance way, but in terms of ease and comfort. The thing that helped me the most was thinking of it as a chance to share music I love rather than a moment of judgment. So thank you SO much for that. I really wouldn’t have gotten to that point without our session. 


I cannot adequately tell you just how much you helped me this weekend. The concert went so much better than I’d even hoped that it would, and it is thanks to you and your pep talk and strategies. The things that you told me were exactly what I needed to hear, and while my adrenaline made it a little hard to get grounded and centered with every breath, the ones that I did were transformative. I sang through phrases that I have never been able to… something I’ve tried so many times in the past but was never able to understand.


“Allison takes the entire person into account when teaching.  She knows there’s more to vocal performance than the mechanics.  It’s about comfort, intention, and releasing the emotional baggage that holds us back. That said, she also knows the mechanics inside and out.”


Allison is a wonderfully resonant sounding board. I came for some voice coaching, but received much more. In particular, she helped me to achieve clarity in questions I had regarding my next career steps. I’m grateful to be a lifelong seeker!”


You could not find a more nurturing teacher! And for anyone interested in early music, Allison is a master: her knowledge of repertoire and performance practices is revelatory, and she approaches all music from the heart. You will never experience a bloodless, overly academic approach to early music with Allison, and that is truly a gift.”


Working with Allison is a truly iterative process, she acts as a guide but you will also need to contribute and identify the areas that you need to focus on and where she can offer you help and tips for making progress and improving.”


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