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Liberating whole, healthy, and happy musicians from the inside-out.

A Revolutionary Movement

This is a movement of liberating the mind in our singing, and reconfiguring our greater Self as the center of our self-expression.

Revolutionary Voice is built upon the belief that every person – no matter their age, talent, skill, background, training, or experience – embodies an inherent wisdom, expressive impulse, and purpose for their voice. And that our voice is a vehicle for our greater Self.

This is so profoundly contrary to our culture’s lens of singing and the voice, that I consider it a revolution

A Revolutionary Manifesto:

  1. Honor yourself. 
  2. Honor your voice. 
  3. All voices are created equal. 
  4. All voices have a place.
  5. Creativity is a human right.
  6. Follow your inner truth.
  7. Practice acceptance, kindness, and tolerance towards yourself and others.
  8. Curiosity is the key to understanding.
  9. Pursue excellence first on the inside. 
  10. Practice radical generosity.

I teach you how to cultivate your voice as an innately holistic, functional, and creative vehicle, while simultaneously dissolving the internal psychological, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual obstacles to your inherent capacity. Because your voice reflects and responds to your state of being. 

The result is that each singer can: 

  • Establish a healthy and respectful relationship with their voice.
  • Ignite their creative potential.
  • Realize the aligned outlet for their unique voice.

Not everyone considers themselves a “singer.” But everyone is entitled to use their voice in the pursuit of expressing an inner beauty, living a creative truth, and sharing their deep gladness with the world.

At Revolutionary Voice, my aim is to teach you how to sing with trust, freedom, and joy from the inside-out.

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These voice and music coaching for intrepid artists/ musicians/ singers/ seekers who are ready to explore what’s behind the notes, dig into their creative practice, and sing from the inside-out.

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The Mission

My mission is to offer accessible, welcoming, and empowering voice education for singers of all stripes, no matter your age, background, skill level, experience, or education. My aim is to help singers emerge with a renewed sense of trust in their voice, confidence in their creativity, and deep gladness in sharing their voice with others. 

I teach each student how to express themselves from the inside-out, using music as a vehicle for personal growth, empowerment, and transformation in all facets of life. You are not encouraged to perfect the sound of your voice. Our aim is not to perfect anything. 

It is to: 

  • Learn a new way to engage with your voice
  • Rebuild a healthy relationship with your voice
  • Exercise your musicality
  • Discover your latent (or dormant) creativity
  • Expand your musical horizons
  • Share great music in a welcoming, shame-free community
  • Discern and realize the unique purpose for your voice

You are encouraged to cultivate courage as you discover the true nature of your voice, tap into the source of your creativity, and realize a greater purpose for your self-expression.

It’s not really about your voice. It’s about you and all that is possible.

The Teaching Method

My teaching method takes a holistic, non-competitive, and heart-entered approach to using the voice as an endlessly creative and self-affirming instrument. 

Unlike typical vocal pedagogy, we do not impose a mental map of technical requirements intended to perfect the sound of your voice. This is a model that establishes the mind as the boss, and the listener as your authority. This is a way of singing from the outside-in.

My pedagogical model has been influenced and refined over decades of my professional training, inquiry, and experience. It encourages a healthy, intentional relationship with our inner voice, the voice of the Self, in order to emerge into our outer experience. The result is a profound shift in our mental, physical, and emotional spheres, and a revolution of our vocal production.

It is also a pathway to healing the wounds of our self-expression, in order to grow into the potential for our greater purpose.

When we do, we: 

  • Experience our voice as an intelligent and responsive partner.
  • Expand our vocal and musical capacity.
  • Quiet the mind and open to greater creative flow.
  • Dissolve and heal our fear of rejection.

Essentially, we need to get our mind out of the way, and tap into our higher consciousness. 

Revolutionary Vocal Technique 

The essential aspects of our vocal method never ignore standard technical principles. However, these elements are incorporated into a larger holistic framework that places the innate wisdom of the body and Self as the foundation for our voice. Our “technique” is then mapped on top of this essential foundation. 

This shift in our understanding of the voice will:

  • Transform our singing experience
  • Clarify our mental space
  • Improve our vocal functionality 

I believe that voices know how to work. And that whatever inhibits our voice can be released. This is singing from the inside-out. 

It’s so simple, but so radical. This is what the revolution is all about.

Allison Mondel’s teaching is like nothing else out there. Old-school classical training focuses on “technique” – which makes us obsess over what we perceive as tiny imperfections in our voices. Allison has worked through all that as a singer herself and broken through to a level of mastery that focuses on what music actually IS – an expression of the totally unique individual soul.

She is loving and gentle, and teaches with generosity, humor and deep empathy because she has been there! Her teachings center on the deep knowing that every sound that comes directly from our heart is beautiful and as I’ve worked through her classes I have experienced what I was longing for – singing as pure joy!

Allison has brought her brilliant insights and gifts as a teacher out into the world at a moment when so many of us who have struggled and want to love how we sound can can benefit. My work with her has been balm to my soul and transformative for my voice, teaching, and directing.

Erin Durrett

Allison, I loved working with you because you made deliberate the impact partnering with the spiritual realm as close Companion could have on my work. That you are an expert a particular category and genre of music demonstrates this and makes you appealing as a coach.

I felt inspired to own my uniqueness and trust my intuition as a gift of guidance. Since working with you, I see myself and my work more powerfully and purposeful to myself and who I serve.

As I prepare a performance or lessons for teaching, I’m seeing how I can create impactful, satisfying experiences. You are a beautiful artist and teacher and have helped me see how I also can bring my own uniqueness and strength to what I create – co-create with Spirit.

Sharon Hamel

Allison is an extremely helpful, insightful, and qualified voice coach. She has a very relaxed, comforting manner that is perfect for the delicate art of singing – i.e., coaxing an instrument that we can’t see to make sounds that are almost impossible to describe!

She in particular really helped me loosen up unnecessary tension in my tongue and throat, allowing me a smoother, more relaxed legato and greater agility with fast-moving, ornamental notes. I heartily recommend Allison to students of all levels.

Kevin Elam

I truly believe that even the most accomplished musicians have emotional blind spots on issues that could be holding us back. Every once in a while, we should put our scales and arpeggios aside and check in with how we’re doing emotionally.

Allison takes the entire person into account when teaching. She knows there’s more to vocal performance than the mechanics. It’s about comfort, intention, and releasing the emotional baggage that holds us back. That said, she also knows the mechanics inside and out.

You could not find a more nurturing teacher! Allison is a master: her knowledge of repertoire and performance practices is revelatory, and she approaches all music from the heart.

Music is meant to be shared, and Allison’s tutelage will convince your inner self that you belong.


When I first started working with Allison, I would be anxious for days before a recital, and my heart would race whenever I sang in front of others.

Now, the energy I bring to vocal performance is overwhelmingly positive.

The sheer joy in sharing music I love and connecting with an audience has replaced my dread of failing to meet some ill-defined set of musical standards I imposed upon myself.


Allison’s guidance has strengthened my self-confidence and my own sense of self worth. I no longer feel like I need someone’s permission to sing. By learning to accept my voice, I am learning to accept myself.

My self, like my voice, has its areas for improvement. But at the same time, it has something to offer and it is inherently worthy.


I have grown in every way as a singer with Allison.


Allison is very good at getting to the heart of the matter and bringing that up into the light.

There’s a line we keep coming back to… “O priestess what you cry is clear, and sound good sense I think it” when she has come up with something so insightful that it’s now hard to imagine not knowing it, even though it wasn’t at all clear before. 


When I first heard Allison sing, I was in awe of her beautiful voice. Then I took her workshop on Hildegard von Bingen, and I was in awe of her scholarship. When I started taking singing lessons from her I experienced what a wonderful teacher she is as well!

Her approach is very personal and intuitive. She listens and then makes suggestions based on her knowledge and intuition. She has loads of patience and a depth of vocabulary.

I have known Allison for many years and she continues to inspire and delight me!

Her heart centeredness, wisdom and generosity are evident in everything she does. One of my latest adventures with her was to take her course in the Sacred Voice School. It was enlightening and uplifting and I learned some very practical tips that have transformed my singing. I love her and I know you will too!

I advise you to sign up for any of her courses and her weekly emails. It’s true self-care!

Cherie Liesersohn
Why do we need a new singing model?

In our current conservatory-based model of teaching singing, the focus is primarily based upon promoting a subjectively-based quality of sound. That is, we are taught that our success is hinged on sounding beautiful (at all costs).

So we are taught to desire an attractive tone, supported with technically-proficient execution, in order to make the cut, or to prepare for a specific performance.

However, 25 years in the business of professional singing has revealed a crucial misstep in our creative culture: we have got it all backwards.

Contemporary pedagogical practice is to impose an external mental map for the instrument, artificially enhancing physiological (or “technical”) principles to ensure proper execution and maximum effectiveness on the concert stage or audition. 

However, there is a compromise when we seek approval from a mental authority. This can inhibit the ways in which the physical body–a holistic environment–is allowed to express sound, with potentially dire consequences for the singer. It also gravely inhibits our inherent creative capacity, because we are primarily focused on actively making our voice happen!

Naturally, we all want to sound great. We want to do well. We want to make a good impression. We want to belong. We want to express ourselves!

But placing the “product” of your voice before the source of your creativity is, in my opinion, at the root of our collective folly. This is where we need to shift our focus from *output* to *source*.

What is the source of our singing? 

It is your heart. It is your wisdom. It is your spirit. It is your greater Self.

When we place the sound of the voice ahead of the source of the voice, we not going to “win.” We have only placed the mind at the top of our hierarchy, and enmeshed ourselves in a cultural comparison model in which some will surpass the competition, and some will be defeated. 

A comparison model does not foster creativity; it fosters unhealthy competition. 

If you are on the losing end, you may feel cut off from your voice. You may feel dried out, confused, and lost. You may even experience shame, loss, or grief. 

I don’t believe this is a “bad” thing. In fact, it is a testament to the power of one’s inner voice and inherent creative capacity. When we feel cut off from this power, we suffer. 

We have also learned that the only way to express ourselves is through the outlets that we see around us in the world. If we do not have an outlet, or have in the past been dismissed from participating, we may feel orphaned, rudderless, or lost in our attempt to connect with our creative musicality. 

But that need not be a permanent situation. We do, however, need to get scrappy in reclaiming this power when we are tired of feeling its ill effects.

Contrary to collective cultural beliefs of value regarding age, innate talent, and market value of our singing voice, we must remember that our inner voice is always available. 

We must re-learn how to know it, how to use it, and how to share it.

That is why I founded Revolutionary Voice. To give us all a second chance to rediscover what singing is all about, really. It’s about our yearning to express something beautiful, something vital, and something meaningful. For ourselves, for our communities, and for the world.

Isn’t that what we are all here for anyway?


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