I want to introduce to The Traveler, a re-invigorated version of my email newsletter.

I’ve come to realize that over the past several years, I have been inadvertently experimenting with ideas, and subsequently philosophies, which encompass the nature of music and the voice, artistry and creativity, life and personhood, wisdom and magic.

Nothing about this was intentional: I enjoy sharing the insights discovered throughout my ongoing process of contemplation and reflection, birthed from my irrepressible talent for mistake-making. Despite the minor agonies of the pursuit, I usually discover something beautiful, touching, or helpful. Maybe even something real.


Sun tumbles head-first to ground beside fallen crown. Below is Libra, as woman holding scales, from Abū Maʻshar (-886). Bruges, Belgium, early 15th century. The Morgan Library & Museum.

And at the end of the day, I simply want to connect with other travelers who are also applying—or at least thinking about!—the same kind of rigor on their universal quest for Something True, in their own personal way.

It is always my intention to be honest and transparent, but not because I feel compelled to “overshare” or make anyone feel uncomfortable (which is the last thing I want).

I want to offer a true reflection of my experience, without glossing over any of the hard stuff, so that we all recognize and humanize the reality of our creative process of life, without (or with less) worry or guilt.

And I want to cultivate empathy and understanding around our attempts to realize personal fulfillment, purpose, and success as good, kind, and well-meaning creative people. But the challenges are real.

If I’m brutally honest, I’d say that honoring the Self and Other, heeding (the impossibly quiet voice of) the heart, and courageously pursuing the authentic ways in which we are called to work, create, and relate is riddled with obstacles, doubts, and trials.

On the inside AND the outside. There’s no shame in that: it’s the truth.

I hope that you are inspired, heartened, and supported by these well-intentioned entries in my living travelogue. They convey the fruits (and flops) of my journey along the Pathway, so that they may help guide you along yours.

The Pathway is a philosophy about how to lead a truly creative life, borne from my (ruthless) heart-centered experiment of making that attempt, and living to tell the tale.

It is grounded in the practice of following one’s true north, led by the compass of the heart: a truly valorous, unscripted, and vital endeavor. It is rife with paradox: radically simple, yet mind-bendingly difficult.

Yet the rewards are an untold kind of bounty. (Thank God!)

There is some truth I hope to convey to you, about how to create lives of beauty, embedded with meaning, and driven by purpose, and why it’s such a big deal. Because I’m pretty sure that’s precisely what we are here to do, in our own way.

I’m ready to walk with you. Thank you for being here with me.



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