What is creative vocation?


I define a creative vocation as The Thing you are called to do for 1) your own specific, conscious reasons and 2) the will of creative consciousness, otherwise known as Life itself. 

Creative vocation is the meeting place of Your Will and Divine Will. It is the coniunctio of your Why, your deep gladness, your vision, your soul’s pathway of service, and the power of creative consciousness.

For many Highly-Sensitive Creatives (HSC), there is an inner understanding that creative vocation is not optional. It is an imperative, and likely the reason why there is so much frustration when that vocation seems to be out of reach.

We may also be operating under the illusion that our specific vocation may be equated with material success, renown, or Bigness, because that is what the culture tells us. But that may not represent the truth for you.

If you are an HSC, then creative vocation is really defined by the ways in which you consciously create and serve the world through your sensitive gifts. It is the unique way in which your creativity contributes to our collective evolution. 

Please hear me on this: it has nothing to do with your chops, influence, or swagger. 

It has everything to do with your larger purpose.

It is irregardless of what the culture says you “should” be, or is possible for you. Remember: the battlefield is not your domain

Your vocation is going to be realized according to your own algorithm, energy, interests, gifts, genius, personality, and story. It simply cannot be compared with anyone else.

(Isn’t that a relief??)

That may look like something that operates within the culture, according to the norms of form and function, but be clear that it will have its own style. It may also look radically fresh and new, because it simply has not been invented yet. Maybe that’s what you are meant to realize after all the other ways you have tried.

But ultimately, in order to realize this vocation, you must be willing to meet it halfway.

You must be willing to utterly claim your sensitivity, your story, and your reasons. And be ready to receive and honor the creative calling that is, perhaps, already tapped for you by Love itself. 

I believe that it begins with:

1) Saying yes to your sensitive nature.
2) Saying no to norms that do not work with your energy.

Then you must be willing to move into a new zone of discovery, with readiness to meet the challenge of redefining your future, as well as harnessing the creative flow you are innately attuned to, no matter your artistic background.

As I mentioned before, HSCs are not afraid to walk through fire, when the cause is just. I believe that Love is asking us to step into our vocation because our future, our children’s future, and the future of our society and our planet depend on it.

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