Where does your voice belong?

— March 23, 2022 —

I recently hit a major parenting milestone: it was (finally!) time to crack open Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with my little one, Adrian. 🪄

Some of my very favorite stories are centered on characters with one specific archetypal quality… Harry Potter. Luke Skywalker. Frodo Baggins. Anne Shirley. Alexander Hamilton.

They are orphans: young souls who learn how to be and navigate in the world, unto themselves. ❤️‍🩹 They have already experienced an epic journey of life, without even stepping a toe within the boundary of Mordor.

But what do they all have in common? They seek belonging, but ultimately wind up on a journey in which they discover their inner strength, solidify faith in their purpose, and actualize their hidden potential. 💪

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just long for belonging. Especially with my voice. 

A very (very) relevant question that comes up for so many of us is:

Where does my voice belong? 

We typically jump to the conclusion that it belongs with a group of other people. Or a voice part. Or a musical style. Or a time and place (say, French Baroque). Or an ability level. Or whatever external condition or expression that seems to define your interests, desires, and musical style of choice. 

Hm. Take sec to ponder that. These conditions are personal identifiers, such as, “I prefer to sing ____ with____.” 

And naturally we invite the company of those who are like us, who share our values, interests, and with whom we connect. 

But what happens when those things go away? What happens when a pandemic knocks the wind out of us? What happens when we go virtual, or our voice changes, or we move, or we have a spiritual awakening, or some circumstance shifts the sands beneath our feet and suddenly those markers of identity are no longer available?

So where does your voice belong?

Remember my friends Harry, Luke, Frodo, Anne, and Alexander? Where did they belong? What path did they take to personal (albeit flawed) greatness?

They discovered their own, inherent personal power. They relied upon a deep faith in their core Self, and moved through obstacles knowing their innate potential to realize their desire of success. 

Your voice journey, Dear One, may or may not be as epic as Frodo Baggins headed to Mount Doom (God forbid! Although that seems scarily on point sometimes…). But here is the larger point…

Your voice belongs with you.

When you own and claim and nurture this deep and sacred connection, and cultivate the greater purpose for your voice, you will discern the natural outlet for your music-making. 

But it starts at home, within yourself. Within the core of your being.

Please do not be deceived by the external trappings of belonging. Remember, Harry dropped out of Hogwarts and Frodo left the Shire. Things inevitably change, just as you do. 

Ask yourself, what is the greater purpose for my voice? Then follow the compass of your heart, pointing to the greatness of your own, dear Self. 





Allison Mondel
Allison Mondel is a musician, philosopher, advocate, and mentor. Her greatest delight is to understand how things work, and share her hard-won wisdom with others. She writes about the higher nature of music and the voice, alchemizing personal roadblocks, and the pursuit of one's creative vocation.

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